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Google got duped by a fake ad blocker, and 37,000 people accidentally downloaded adware

Some 37,000 people downloaded a spam version of the “AdBlock Plus” extension from Google after a fraudulent ad blocking extension snuck through Google Chrome’s verification process and appeared in the Chrome Web Store yesterday. It’s easy to see why Google (and some 37,000 people) were tricked — the developer who packaged the adware into an...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft launches preview mobile app for Edge, the browser almost no one uses

Microsoft just announced that it will bring its Edge browser to iOS and Android, starting with new preview apps on both platforms. The software giant, which hasn’t had the best track record with its own mobile projects, is finally introducing Edge to the two dominant smartphone ecosystems after launching for Windows PCs back in 2015....CONTINUE READING

Google is building a killswitch that will force the internet to play by its rules

Switch on the ad blocking toggle that appeared this week in Google‘s experimental version of Chrome, and nothing will happen. The feature is out of service at the moment, according to a Google spokesperson, a shell of a tool with which its developers can tinker while the search giant hammers out the operational details through...CONTINUE READING

Adorable Tamagotchi copycat is here to save you from Chrome tab clutter

You might’ve once been stressed out with the responsibility of keeping a Tamagotchi alive as a child. As an adult, you’re likely mildly perturbed by ensuring you don’t have too many Chrome tabs open, slowing down your computer. Life is hard. SEE ALSO: Apple’s new Apple TV 4K is built to fuel its Hollywood ambitions...CONTINUE READING