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Google’s drone supply carrier simply were given licensed for public use in Australia

Drone deliveries have been the subject of many a flashy promo video over the years, but until now, they haven’t been available for everyone to use whenever they want. That’s still the case in most of the world, but one part of Australia just won the ability to get things delivered through the air. Limited...CONTINUE READING

Fb and Google head again to Congress for listening to on white nationalism

Google and Facebook are back at Capitol Hill on Tuesday. While both companies are no stranger to Congressional hearings at this point, this time the tech giants are talking about the growing threat of white nationalism on its platforms in the wake of the mosque shooting in New Zealand. Facebook’s public policy director Neil Potts...CONTINUE READING

How Amazon’s $97 million Eero acquisition screwed workers and minted millionaires

When Amazon announced a deal to acquire Eero, the maker of a groundbreaking WiFi system, it sounded like a classic Silicon Valley success story: a promising startup is acquired by the biggest bidder in the land, and everyone rolls around in cash. But that is not this story. This story is about investors losing tens...CONTINUE READING

Google Duplex involves Android and iOS, so you may in fact use it now

Sometimes, making an important phone call to set up an appointment can be inconvenient or nerve-wracking. That, or you just don’t feel like doing it. There’s potentially good news on that front. Google Duplex, a Google Assistant-powered phone call service, is finally coming to devices that the majority of people own. According to Google’s support...CONTINUE READING

Listed here are the April Fools’ jokes large tech corporations got here up with in 2019

April is finally here, which means it’s time for corporations to put impressive amounts of effort into lying for the sake of comedy. April Fools’ Day always brings out the best (or worst) in tech companies in particular, and the 2019 edition of the holiday was no different. This year, at least one major tech...CONTINUE READING

nine April Fools’ Day pranks that’ll prevent cash — merely for being a just right game

April Fools’ Day is a…touchy subject on the internet. Some of us live for the weird things that companies come up with (Duolingo Push seems to be a crowd favorite) and some of us would rather avoid the internet completelyMicrosoft is so over the lies that it urged employees to stay away from stunts today....CONTINUE READING
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