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This adorable little girl’s graduation dance will warm your heart

If all grads were half as cute as 5-year-old Aubrey Toby, graduation ceremonies would be 1,000 percent more bearable. Dressed in a purple cap and gown, the North Carolina pre-k grad danced her way across the ceremony stage with the sweetest confidence.  SEE ALSO: Florida student scores 124 free pairs of Crocs for a very...CONTINUE READING

13 gifts for the person about to live on their own for the first time

Graduation season is in full swing, and young people who just graduated from high school or college have been sent into a panic over leaving the nest and #adulting. via GIPHY It can be a pretty intimidating milestone, and they’re gonna need all the help they can get.  That help starts with gifting them some...CONTINUE READING

Photo perfectly captures TFW you just want to enjoy graduation but you remember you have to get a job

Graduation day is a glorious time for celebration, until you remember you have to find a job and muster up some sort of plan for the future. For one unfortunate graduate, that moment of painful realization came a lot sooner than necessary when his older sibling texted him MID-CEREMONY to remind him of his imminent...CONTINUE READING

This valedictorian’s Catholic school banned his graduation speech. He delivered it outside with a bullhorn instead.

Most high school valedictorians deliver their graduation speeches in overcrowded gymnasiums to slightly sleepy crowds, but for one Kentucky senior things played out very differently. Christian Bales, the valedictorian at Holy Cross High School in Covington, Kentucky, was recently banned from delivering his speech at the graduation ceremony. So he instead chose to deliver it...CONTINUE READING

Florida student scores 124 free pairs of Crocs for a very comfy graduation ceremony

There is perhaps no shoe as contentious as the Croc. Say what you want about the way they look (and yes, the company that makes Crocs is aware they’re not exactly beautiful), but there’s no denying that the shoe is comfortable and functional. SEE ALSO: At long last, we know the 4 words every girl...CONTINUE READING

‘Saturday Night Live’ ad for high school graduation is the most relatable thing

Graduation is coming up for high school seniors around the U.S. and James Madison High School‘s ceremony is going to be the hottest event in town. This graduation ceremony has everything: dads taking pictures with their iPads, awkward political statements on stage, speakers who don’t know how microphones work, and teenage pregnancy. It’s the perfect...CONTINUE READING

Here are some of the most creative graduation caps from the class of 2018

One of the best things about sitting through long graduation ceremonies is spotting the cool graduation cap designs. While plenty opt-out of decorating (or use one of the many overdone phrases), many are inspired to be creative and unique when decorating. SEE ALSO: Here’s how to survive your graduation ceremony Check out some of the...CONTINUE READING
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