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Rita Ora dressed up like Post Malone for Halloween, and the resemblance is uncanny

Celebrities are known for going all out when it comes to their Halloween costumes, and Rita Ora just proved she’s no exception. SEE ALSO: 21 best couples costumes you can pull off in a pinch The pop star turned up to the KISS Haunted House party in London on Friday dressed as Post Malone, and...CONTINUE READING

This Snapchat filter couple’s costume is perfect

If you’re still trying to figure out a couple’s costume for Halloween, look no further, for we have found the perfect couple’s costume: the filter/no filter. SEE ALSO: Want a super easy Halloween costume idea? This ‘Jurassic World’ dinosaur mask is just $16. A photo of the couple’s costume shared by Redditor lackingprivacy quickly gained...CONTINUE READING

Here’s a sexy ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Halloween costume that no one asked for

Halloween is quickly approaching, so naturally that means the time has come to face an onslaught of wildly inappropriate Halloween costumes. We begin with the sexy handmaid.  Online lingerie and costume store Yandy is to thank for this cringe-inducing costume. Referred to as the “Brave Red Maiden Costume” it is very clearly modeled after the...CONTINUE READING

Justin Trudeau dressed up for Halloween, and it’s a little too self-aware

Canadian prime minister and world leader poster boy, Justin Trudeau, dressed up for Halloween, and well, it’s a little bit too self-aware. Trudeau stealthily dressed as Clark Kent, and exposed himself as Superman. That’s right, Superman.  Trudeau has become a little darling of American media in the last year, as the country looks north and...CONTINUE READING

Elijah Wood’s ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween costume was spot-on

Elijah Wood went on Conan on Friday night, and it turns out he takes Halloween pretty seriously.  SEE ALSO: These ‘Stranger Things’ waffles are super easy to make He showed a picture of his costume from last year, when he went as Eleven from Stranger Things. He shaved his head and dyed a dress pink...CONTINUE READING

The inevitable ‘distracted boyfriend’ Halloween costumes are here

We all knew they were coming, and sure enough the inevitable meme costumes were busted out this All Hallow’s Eve. SEE ALSO: If you’re into eyes that are dripping blood, consider this eyeliner trend The apparent winner for this year is the “distracted boyfriend” meme. The example below racked up over 7000 retweets and was...CONTINUE READING

For a quick and simple Halloween costume, just zip into a onesie

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Can’t find a decent costume for Halloween? Having trouble finding something that fits? Or maybe you’re just feeling lazy and you’re not up to hunting for an elaborate get-up. Whatever your needs are for a quick costume, onesies...CONTINUE READING

<div>Adele is sssmokin' as 'The Mask' for Halloween</div>

Oooh, nobody stop her! Adele absolutely killed it this Halloween in a totally unexpected costume choice: Jim Carrey’s classic character, ‘The Mask’. Complete with the persona’s signature tie, hat and zoot suit, the singer was completely unrecognizable in her awesome ensemble. SEE ALSO: Hold up, this tiny Beyoncé superfan has the cutest Halloween costume Halloween...CONTINUE READING
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