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J.Okay. Rowling’s newest tackle Dumbledore’s love existence has sparked some very sexual memes

At this point in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, do we really need to know about wizard sex?  J.K. Rowling’s latest take on how Dumbledore and Grindlewald supposedly had an ‘intense love’ and ‘sexual’ relationship feels like another groan-worthy round in a very bad game show — What Will J.K. Rowling Retcon Next? Every time she...CONTINUE READING

‘Harry Potter’ fanatics don’t seem to be proud of JK Rowling’s newest Dumbledore feedback

If you’ve been anywhere near Twitter in the past 24 hours, you’ve likely heard about J.K. Rowling’s latest Fantastic Beasts comments — the ones where she described, in a DVD feature for The Crimes of Grindelwald, the “incredibly intense” “love” relationship Dumbledore shared with his rival. Chances are you’ve read some of the backlash, too....CONTINUE READING

This ‘Harry Potter’ thread will make you spot Molly Weasley and Sirius another way

You know a book series is popular when it’s still prompting regular, viral Twitter threads over two decades after it began. Today’s observation concerns Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and comes from writer Anne Thériault. SEE ALSO: 5 articles that’ll only make sense to true ‘Harry Potter’ fans In particular, Thériault had...CONTINUE READING

Magical pooch plays tips to ‘Harry Potter’ spells, merits 10 issues for Gryffindor

A long-haired, mini dachshund with the name Remus is frankly adorable enough already.  But when you add a miniature Hogwarts uniform, and a video of the little chap doing tricks in response to Harry Potter spells, the whole thing goes to another level. SEE ALSO: Pottermore’s unnecessary poop tweet reminds us that wizards are gross,...CONTINUE READING

Pottermore’s pointless poop tweet reminds us that wizards are gross, we are all overthinking issues

Pottermore recently resurfaced a wizarding world fun fact that has Harry Potter fans losing it on Twitter. Pottermore reminded fans – or in most cases, informed them – that before plumbing, wizards used to “relieve themselves” literally anywhere and then magically vanish any excrement. …oh. SEE ALSO: Daniel Radcliffe explains why he won’t see ‘Harry...CONTINUE READING

The most efficient LEGO offers within the Amazon Christmas sale: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Famous person Wars’, and extra

Every single Christmas there are new toys and games that make a big noise, and all of sudden everyone wants them. A few months or even weeks after Christmas, however, they are forgotten about. Such is the nature of the toy industry. LEGO however has stood the test of time, and continues to grow in...CONTINUE READING

6 things we actually cared about in ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’

Warning: The following post contains mild plot spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a whole lot of movie, jumping clumsily from plot to plot and character to character with little care or skill in tying them together.  Yet between these expanses of idiocy, there are some...CONTINUE READING
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