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Category / Health

Glowing beer is a thing thanks to biohacking technology

CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene-editing technique that uses bacterial protein to replace segments of DNA. Although CRISPR has clinical applications that could potentially help many, it can also be used to do fun experiments like brewing glowing beer by editing the DNA of yeast. Read more…More about Science, Health, Mashable Video, Beer, and San Francisco Powered...CONTINUE READING

Digital therapy toy for stroke patients lights up for a game of whack-a-mole

For stroke survivors, relearning to use one’s arms and fingers can be a long process with tedious exercises, while they get back on the road to normal life. Research suggests that the process can be more effective if you include a fun element to it, and new digital versions of traditional rehabilitation toys are attempting...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health, Korea, Medicine

Fitbit’s next-gen smartwatch will launch with its own app platform

Fitbit desperately needs its upcoming smartwatch to be a success, so the company is planning to prop it up with a brand-new app platform at launch.  James Park, Fitbit’s CEO, confirmed that a new app ecosystem is in the works for the unnamed smartwatch’s long-awaited debut in a conversation with The Verge. The app platform...CONTINUE READING

Fat shaming at the doctor’s office isn’t just wrong. It backfires — and harms its victims.

In her new memoir Hunger, Roxane Gay details the everyday physical and psychological humiliations inflicted on her overweight body. If someone doesn’t sneer at her size or comment on her food choices, they might pretend she doesn’t exist at all, bumping and jostling her as they walk past. Never mind the persistent, ugly online harassment...CONTINUE READING

Should we even really worry about GMOs?

On this episode of StarTalk on Mashable, Neil deGrasse Tyson examines whether GMOs are something the public should have anxiety over. Check out the full StarTalk podcast about GMOs here. StarTalk on Mashable is a video series, produced by Mashable and StarTalk Radio. StarTalk Radio is a podcast and radio program hosted by astrophysicist Neil...CONTINUE READING

A headline on a health story started an intergenerational war on Twitter

It’s a general rule of social media that before ranting about a story on Twitter you should probably go beyond the headline and at least skim through the article.  SEE ALSO: Sorry, but millennials just aren’t worried about robots taking their jobs Otherwise you might completely misinterpret its content, and waste precious time on social...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health, Millennials
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