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How ‘World of Warcraft’ became a life-consuming addiction for me

For a sizeable chunk of my life, I played World of Warcraft too much. Way too much. I played WoW so much and so often that some people may classify my worst years with that game as an addiction. SEE ALSO: ‘World of Warcraft’ is getting a new expansion that’s all about Horde vs. Alliance...CONTINUE READING

Adele posts touching message about her best friend’s experience of postpartum psychosis

Adele has shared a touching message about her best friend’s struggle with postpartum psychosis after giving birth six months ago. SEE ALSO: Serena Williams opens up about ‘postpartum emotions’ in candid Instagram post “This is my best friend,” wrote Adele on Instagram. “We have been friends for more of our lives than we haven’t.” Adele...CONTINUE READING

Riots on the streets of Buenos Aires after Argentina votes against legalising abortion

The streets of Buenos Aires transformed into a fire-filled riot after Argentina’s Senate voted against the legalisation of abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.  SEE ALSO: Prepare to sob at these moving stories of people travelling home for Ireland’s abortion vote After a 15-hour debate, 31 senators voted in favour and 38 voted...CONTINUE READING

‘Time Well Spent’ features are the Marlboro Lights of the tech industry

Big Tech likes to disrupt. But when it comes to papering over the problems it’s created, it’s happy taking a page out of a well-worn corporate playbook. Over the last month, Google, Apple, and, most recently, Facebook and Instagram, have all unveiled features intended to give people a better understanding of and control over how...CONTINUE READING

Exclusive offer on CyberGhost VPN subscription, plus deals on razors, headphones, and more

Are you after a good bargain? Today’s best deals include big savings on your next VPN subscription, quality grooming products that will deliver the smoothest shave, discounts on sleek and stylish KEF M400 headphones and more… Today’s Cheapest VPN Deal Image: CyberGhost CyberGhost VPN: 12 Month + 6 Months Free – £2.10 per monthSee Details...CONTINUE READING

Squares and circles are so basic. Get down with this new shape, the scutoid.

There’s been an exciting, new development in the action-packed world of geometric shapes. Researchers from the the University of Seville and Seville Institute of Biomedicine have discovered a new shape that’s been dubbed the “scutoid.” And what a wonderful little discovery it is. SEE ALSO: The science behind Star Trek technobabble Scutoid is the shape...CONTINUE READING

Home DNA test results from 23andMe to help develop drugs

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has invested $300 million into home DNA testing company 23andMe, allowing it to develop drugs based on human genetics. The four-year agreement allows GSK access to 23andMe’s vast database to accelerate its drug research and development work.  SEE ALSO: The first 3D, full-color X-rays will weird you out More than 5 million...CONTINUE READING
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