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Wearable ‘microbreweries’ can track dangerous radiation exposure

Researchers at Purdue University developed a disposable patch that can track radiation levels in an instant with the help of yeast. Experts think this tool will be valuable to hospital lab workers, and perhaps nuclear disaster victims one day.  Read more…More about Mashable Video, Hospital, Healthcare, Radiation, and Yeast Powered by WPeMatico

Ford tries to catch up to Uber, Lyft with medical appointment rides

Ford apparently wants to be much more than a carmaker. The company also wants to provide on-demand rides for people, whether it’s for work commutes or a drive to the doctor. Launched Wednesday, Ford’s GoRide service works with a Michigan healthcare network to provide patients with rides to medical appointments. For non-emergency trips, the on-demand...CONTINUE READING

‘Vibes Earplugs’ is giving the gift of hearing to kids in Peru

Vibes, the company behind reusable earplugs that protect your ears while allowing you to still hear clearly, has teamed up with Hear The World Foundation for a project in Lima, Peru that will screen 30,000 children for hearing impairment.  Read more…More about Education, Mashable Video, Social Good, Healthcare, and Disability html template by responsive html...CONTINUE READING

Lyft follows Uber further into healthcare market with rides for patients

Ride-hailing apps are helping riders get to the doctor’s office — and dipping into the lucrative healthcare market. Uber recently announced a new program to get patients to doctor’s appointments, and this week, fellow ride-hailing app Lyft is partnering with an electronic health records company to give 2,500 hospitals a platform to request rides for...CONTINUE READING

Uber is the latest to join big tech’s race into healthcare

Healthcare is big business, and tech companies don’t want to miss out just because they’re busy building smartphones, apps, and self-driving cars. Uber announced its new Uber Health platform Thursday. It’s a way for healthcare organizations to order rides for patients who are receiving care at their facilities. Uber also launched an API so the...CONTINUE READING

Apple to launch experimental medical clinics for employees

Several big tech companies have ventured into the healthcare industry this year, and now Apple is jumping into the mix.  Apple is launching AC Wellness, a network of health clinics for its employees and their families, this spring, reports CNBC, citing “sources familiar with the company’s plans.”  SEE ALSO: Apple’s slow iPhone X sales are...CONTINUE READING

Sarah Silverman responded to a troll with kindness and it was beautiful

When a troll called comedian Sarah Silverman the C-word on Twitter, she responded with level-headed kindness, finding out he was in a lot of pain and eventually helping him pay for his medical bills. SEE ALSO: Twitter’s most popular tweets, accounts, and hashtags of 2017 On Dec. 28, Twitter user Jeremy Jamrozy responded rudely to...CONTINUE READING

GOP's sad Obamacare replacement quickly becomes a fire meme

The Republicans unveiled their healthcare plan on Monday night and it’s looking like a weak replacement for Obamacare.  It defunds Planned Parenthood, rolls back the Medicaid expansion, restricts abortion, and lets insurers jack up premiums by 30 percent if there’s a lapse in coverage. Oh! And there’s a big tax cut for CEOs making more...CONTINUE READING

4 industries you probably didn’t realize could be impacted by net neutrality

With a historic net neutrality vote set to take place tomorrow, people across the United States are rightly concerned about the future of the internet. Visions of price-tiered online spaces dancing in their heads, constituents all over the country are reaching out to their elected officials in a likely doomed effort to forestall what many...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel returns with his little son Billy, after his second heart surgery

Jimmy Kimmel’s son Billy, who was born with congenital heart disease and who has been at the center of the talk show host’s arguments around U.S. healthcare, had his second open heart surgery last week. So, Kimmel brought him on Monday’s show. Kimmel has taken time off during Billy’s surgery, instead inviting guest hosts Chris...CONTINUE READING
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