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High-tech paint could cool cities around the world

Cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Madrid, and Paris have all acknowledged the bubble-like hotter temperatures within their cities, known widely as the Urban Heat Island effect.  Though some cities have tried a couple of different ways to combat the heat — like Madrid’s car-less day or New York’s movement to paint rooftops white...CONTINUE READING

How to use AC without breaking the bank (and ruining the Earth) this summer

The world is facing an environmental paradox.  It’s really, really hot outside. Temperatures in Paris this summer have climbed to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A city in Japan just recorded its first 106 degree day. Multiple cities in California are reaching the 110s and above.  And this extreme heat, which is intensified by human-caused global...CONTINUE READING

Terrifying first-person footage shows just how devastating the wildfires in Greece are

First-person footage of flames engulfing a neighborhood shows just how devastating the wildfires in Greece are.  A man trying to save his friend’s cat caught the wildfire on video as it burned through the trees surrounding his home. Within the video’s short span of time, just three-and-a-half minutes, the fire approaches and starts to consume...CONTINUE READING

Do yourself a favor and get an AC unit *before* the next heat wave — these ones are on sale

Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with central AC, thinking ahead about a window air conditioner needs to be on your to-do list. Like now. You cannot wait for the next heatwave to hit to buy yourself an air conditioner. You will be so miserable. We know. We’ve been there. SEE ALSO: Pool floats...CONTINUE READING

Australia has been breaking records for heat in April

Usually the sear of Australia’s summer heat would’ve subsided by now, as winter approaches. Instead, the country is experiencing an unseasonably warm April so far, prompting Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology to explain the unusual event. SEE ALSO: Researchers hit back at climate change deniers twisting polar bear science The heat is “more characteristic of mid-summer...CONTINUE READING
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