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Kevin Hart launched a in reality terrible observation about his homophobic tweets

We live in the golden age of bad non-apologies, but Kevin Hart’s response to recent backlash over resurfaced homophobic jokes might take the cake. “Stop looking for reasons to be negative… Stop searching for reasons to be angry,” Hart wrote in his Instagram, along with a grainy video of him shirtless expressing the same sentiments....CONTINUE READING

Swedish symphony turns homophobic hate mail into beautiful music

There’s no better troll than a classical music orchestra troll. Last month, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in Sweden received a piece of homophobic hate mail after the orchestra performed music by LGBTQ composers. Instead of tearing the hate mail up, however, the orchestra decided to turn the letter into a beautiful cantata. SEE ALSO: ‘Disobedience’...CONTINUE READING

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman wishes San Francisco was more open-minded, like China

Sam Altman is a Silicon Valley kingmaker. Sam Altman is rich. Sam Altman wears cargo shorts. Sam Altman is awful.  As president of Y Combinator, an internationally renowned startup accelerator based in Mountain View, California, the 32-year-old has an outsized influence on the world of tech. The seed money his company doles out has both...CONTINUE READING

Church of England’s advice not to bully boys who play dress-up in tutus is really the bare minimum

The Church of England is taking serious steps to crack down on rampant biphobic, transphobic, and homophobic bullying in its schools.  SEE ALSO: 7 things to know when speaking about transgender people According to new guidance from the church, teachers should let children experiment with gender without labelling or criticism them.  Boys must be free...CONTINUE READING
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Their loss: Gay-owned cafe addresses ignorant customers in Facebook post

Even in this day and age, café owners are can lose customers simply because of their sexuality. That’s what happened to Jay Horne, who’s the co-owner of the Paradiso Cafe in Cairns, Australia. Horne heard former “regulars” of his cafe say they would not come back because he and his staff are gay. Addressing the...CONTINUE READING

Boy tries to single-handedly block more than 11,000 anti-gay protesters

All across Mexico this weekend, thousands of people marched to protest same-sex marriage, as the country comes closer to passing marriage equality nationwide. In Celaya, Guanajuato, however, one 12-year-old boy decided to take a stand … literally, by standing in the middle of the street in hopes of stopping protesters. A powerful photo, captured by...CONTINUE READING
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