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This edited model of the hearth drill scene from ‘The Place of work’ offers you chills

Someone turned the iconic fire drill scene from The Office into a horror short, and it might give you nightmares.  By removing the jokes, adding music from Captain America: Winter Soldier, and darkening the scene to a more ominous color scheme, Austin Spencer made paper salesman Dwight K. Schrute look like an absolute psychopath.  (Granted,...CONTINUE READING

How 2018 made the elusive horror renaissance reliable

If you despise slasher films, hate any scene that’ll make you toss your popcorn, and flee spooky previews let alone full-length fright fests, then here’s something really terrifying: Hollywood‘s horror industry is coming for you.  Whether you’ve heard it called a resurgence, a renaissance, or (ugh) scary movies “getting good,” anyone within spitting distance of...CONTINUE READING

This trailer for Adult Swim’s ‘The Shivering Truth’ is the freakiest thing you’ll see today

And you thought stop-motion animation was creepy on a good day.  From Robot Chicken to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim programming has become notorious for its cartoon insta-nightmares. Their newest series, The Shivering Truth, appears to be shepherding that legacy into a whole new league of horrifying.  Created by Vernon Chatman, an Adult Swim...CONTINUE READING

‘CAM’ is the feminist nightmare fuel your next girls’ night requires

This is a spoiler-free review of Netflix‘s CAM.  Time to crack open the sparkling wine, pull on some comfy sweats, and fear for your safety in a male-dominated world. It’s ladies night—and we need to talk about Netflix‘s CAM.  Set in the cyber space of virtual sex work, CAM chronicles the nightmarish ordeal of Alice,...CONTINUE READING

‘Overlord’ is the revolting, breakneck Nazi zombie movie you just gotta see

This is a spoiler-free review of Overlord. Assuming The Grinch doesn’t go very differently than I thought, Overlord is the only movie in theaters this weekend that will have you crying over the death of a character and then rooting for that character to die a second time in 60 seconds flat. The J.J. Abrams...CONTINUE READING

Why 2018’s ‘Halloween’ is the slasher movie made for the #MeToo era

This article contains spoilers for the original Halloween and its 2018 sequel. The trope of the final girl — you know, the last one standing in horror movies, who either simply survives or also kills the villain that murdered all her friends — didn’t just define the slasher formula for decades.  A staple of classics like...CONTINUE READING

The terrifyingly relatable horror of the family trauma in ‘Hill House’

This post contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Haunting of Hill House. We all lived in haunted houses. Or, at the very least, every one of us knows the intimate horrors of family, whether through their haunting absence or the full-bodied specters that still stalk us today. Each of our haunted houses is cursed...CONTINUE READING

Why Netflix’s ‘Hill House’ finale changes the way we look at the show

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the entirety of Netflix‘s The Haunting of Hill House, all 10 episodes. Proceed with caution. It’s safe to assume these days that a supernatural TV drama isn’t going to end with us, the viewers, getting every answer or solving all the mysteries we faced over the season. So it...CONTINUE READING

The real terror of ‘Hill House’ lies in family trauma

Netflix really hedged its bets with this year’s Halloween fare, with plans to drop everything from Daredevil Season 3 to Sabrina in a matter of weeks – including a modern interpretation of Shirley Jackson’s horror novel The Haunting of Hill House. SEE ALSO: Here’s the scary movies you should watch this month At once veering...CONTINUE READING

The ending of ‘Hell Fest’ is a clever, divisive nightmare

Warning: major spoilers for Hell Fest lie ahead. Hell Fest. It’s a cheap Halloween knockoff set in a Six Flags commercial, but with a surprisingly clever ending. This past weekend, Hell Fest kicked off the October slasher box office with more of a whimper than a scream. Receiving mostly negative reviews, the tale of a...CONTINUE READING
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