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Excellent success combating over Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ this weekend

The following is a spoiler-free review of Netflix‘s The Perfection. After months of critic hype and fervent fan speculation, Netflix‘s mysterious and controversial The Perfection finally began streaming on Friday — and already, it’s tearing the horror community apart.  As vast and as varied as the many things that scare us, horror fans are a...CONTINUE READING

Terrifying first trailer for ‘It: Bankruptcy 2’ is right here to destroy your entire day

The highly-anticipated It: Chapter 2 dropped its first trailer on Thursday, and it couldn’t look more terrifying. Starring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, James Ransone, and Andy Bean as the grown-up Losers Club with Bill Skarsgård reprising his role as Pennywise, this next stop in the never-ending, cyclical nightmare that...CONTINUE READING

‘The Silence’ is like a number of different motion pictures you have noticed, however that is not a nasty factor

Warning: The following review for Netflix‘s The Silence contains some very light spoilers. In storytelling, originality means a lot. In scary storytelling, it means even more.  Whether it’s creating a never-before-seen monster like The Babadook or making the commonplace seem menacing à la Jaws, terrifying in unexpected ways is a critical component of effective horror....CONTINUE READING

‘Puppy Sematary’ makes use of your very grownup fears for its chilling, infantile horror

Warning: Mild spoilers for the remake of Pet Sematary (all of which have already been included in the film’s trailer) lie ahead. Stephen King’s savagely scary Pet Sematary has returned to the big screen — and to say this resurrection feels like a haunting we just can’t shake would be a hellish understatement.  The premise...CONTINUE READING

Jordan Peele used to be freaked out for years by way of a ‘Nightmare on Elm Boulevard’ poster

Director Jordan Peele has been freaking us out for years, from some truly messed up Key & Peele sketches, to the Oscar-winning Get Out, to his critically-acclaimed horror film, Us. But he wasn’t always the one in control, as he told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. It took a mere poster for Wes Craven’s...CONTINUE READING

James Gunn’s sci-fi horror movie ‘Brightburn’ drops horrifying new trailer

Things aren’t looking great for Elizabeth Banks in the new trailer for James Gunn’s Brightburn. The director’s first post-Guardians of the Galaxy film throws back to his older work on sci-fi horror films like Slither, which also starred Banks. And she’s got quite the troubled son to deal with. Directed by David Yarovesky, written by...CONTINUE READING

Chucky returns in creepy as hell ‘Kid’s Play’ trailer

Chucky is back and this time he’s being rebooted. The reboot of Child’s Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Bryan Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, and Tim Matheson, and takes us back to beginnings of Chucky the possessed doll’s reign of terror, except it’s modern day. The new version of the horror classic looks like it will still...CONTINUE READING

How Reddit helps horror writers in finding luck

Jasper DeWitt wasn’t always a horror writer. Long before his work captured the interest of Ryan Reynolds, DeWitt’s storytelling abilities were reserved for his friends. They’d play Dungeons and Dragons together, and their quests were based in the dark domains of the Ravenloft universe. SEE ALSO: 8 things I learned when I published my debut...CONTINUE READING

I do not like horror. Except it is in a online game.

I don’t really like horror. That is, unless it’s happening in a video game like Resident Evil 2. I haven’t watched much horror in my life for the simple fact that I don’t particularly enjoy being scared. I don’t like watching characters that I’m supposed to root for go through harrowing, terrifying scenarios. On top...CONTINUE READING
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