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James Gunn’s sci-fi horror movie ‘Brightburn’ drops horrifying new trailer

Things aren’t looking great for Elizabeth Banks in the new trailer for James Gunn’s Brightburn. The director’s first post-Guardians of the Galaxy film throws back to his older work on sci-fi horror films like Slither, which also starred Banks. And she’s got quite the troubled son to deal with. Directed by David Yarovesky, written by...CONTINUE READING

This ‘Hen Field’ meme hilariously combines the horror of ‘A Quiet Position’ and ‘Hush’

As any true horror fan should know, in the movies, senses like sight, speech, and hearing sometimes work against characters. In the 2016 film Hush, the protagonist, Maddie, can’t hear. The 2018 film A Quiet Place follows a family who must remain silent, as sound attracts deadly monsters. And in Netflix’s recently released hit Bird...CONTINUE READING

This is why we did not see the monsters in ‘Chicken Field’

Since the Sandra Bullock horror film Bird Box was released on Netflix on Dec. 21, it’s become the talk of Twitter. According to Netflix, 45 million accounts watched the film in its first week, and while it’s likely no one truly understands the meaning of it, viewers are still searching for answers. One of the...CONTINUE READING

In spite of lukewarm critiques, individuals are enamored with ‘Chicken Field’

Spoiler alert: this post contains some spoilers for the movie Bird Box. Netflix‘s new horror movie Bird Box has been receiving some decent critical reception since its release on Friday, but despite some of its faults, viewers can’t stop talking about the movie. Specifically, people are enamored with the monster of Bird Box, if you...CONTINUE READING

Jamie Lee Curtis on ‘Halloween’: ‘They wanted to take off the mask of trauma’

Courageous, traumatized women band together to fight a relentless male predator against all oddsSound familiar?  Although written well before the #MeToo movement made its mark, the new Halloween film has landed at one hell of a relevant moment, as not only the latest terrifying installment in a legendary slasher franchise, but a dark, deep dive...CONTINUE READING

Tilda Swinton as an 80-year-old man in ‘Suspiria’ is ridiculously convincing

Does the name Lutz Ebersdorf ring a bell?  That’s the name of the 80-year-old actor playing Dr Josef Klemperer in the upcoming horror movie Suspiria.  Never heard of him? Yeah, us neither. That’s because Mr. Ebersdorf does not exist. The elderly break through star was actually actor Tilda Swinton in prosthetics all along.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

‘Child’s Play’ creator disavows new ‘Chucky’ remake with a meme

Chucky is back — and not everyone’s happy about it. On Friday, MGM announced it had started production for the reboot of Child’s Play, the legendary 1988 horror film. The original’s story creator Don Mancini, who won’t be involved in the new production, proceeded to let his feelings be known with a subtweet. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Netflix’s first original Indian horror series ‘Ghoul’ looks terrifying

From the teams behind Get Out, Insidious, and Udta Punjab comes Netflix‘s first original Indian horror series, Ghoul. And it looks pretty damn terrifying. Having dropped its first trailer on Tuesday, Ghoul follows a new prisoner at a remote military interrogation centre, who turns the tables on interrogators by dredging up some secrets and starting...CONTINUE READING
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