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Ryan Reynolds’ response to Hugh Jackman’s birthday message is everything you’d expect and more

When he’s not busy tweeting very creative descriptions of his Aviation Gin or trolling Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds occasionally enjoys getting into Twitter feuds. His last war of words was with none other than Paddington Bear, but now it seems he’s decided to pick on someone his own size. And in fairness, this time it...CONTINUE READING

Wolverine is totally going to pop up in ‘Deadpool 2,’ isn’t he?

The dance continues. Ryan Reynolds has a habit of trolling his old X-Men Origins: Wolverine pals Hugh Jackman. Just a few weeks ago, in fact, Reynolds took a (proverbial) dump all over an anniversary message Jackman sent to his wife of 22 years. SEE ALSO: Here are the mutants that make up the new ‘Deadpool...CONTINUE READING

Hugh Jackman writes adorable anniversary message to his wife, Ryan Reynolds trolls it mercilessly

Ryan Reynolds is back to doing what he does best: trolling Hugh Jackman.  This time, Reynolds is playing the role of the naysaying—the dude that mutters “it’ll never last” about a pal’s relationship. SEE ALSO: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have basically adopted Ryan Reynolds as their child Ryan Reynolds joked that he’d given the...CONTINUE READING

Now Margot Robbie is getting in on that fake ‘Crocodile Dundee’ movie

While reboots have long been the rage in film, news of an alleged Crocodile Dundee sequel just seemed too good to be true.  And look, the doubters could be rightAs per recent reports, the whole thing might just be one big Super Bowl ad for Australian tourism, and we tell you what, the newest Dundee...CONTINUE READING

It appears Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman can't stop trolling each other

We’ll admit we have a soft spot for celebrities who enjoy ribbing each other online.  Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are two such celebrities. Despite engaging in quite the bromance, Deadpool and Wolverine seem to be equally obsessed with taking the p*ss out of one another. SEE ALSO: Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart know why...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what the critics thought of ‘The Greatest Showman’

Just months after the biggest traveling circus in the world packed up its big top tents and hung up its oversized clown shoes, The Greatest Showman attempted to capture the spirit of entrepreneur P.T. Barnum’s start in the circus world in the form of a musical. Although the songs, dancing, and acrobatics were a lot...CONTINUE READING

John Cena coached Hugh Jackman on how to give angry compliments

Saying nice things sure can be scary. SEE ALSO: Watch Hugh Jackman transform into Wolverine in the gym John Cena and Hugh Jackman were guests on The Late Late Show and Cena taught Jackman his home-patented technique of “reverse smack-talk”. The trick is just to say generally nice things but look really angry while saying...CONTINUE READING

Hugh Jackman spots real-life Mario Karters and cannot contain his excitement

While driving around in Tokyo today, Hugh Jackman stumbled upon something amazing. At a red light, Jackman looked out the passenger-side window of his car and saw a group of people idling in go karts while dressed up as characters from the Super Mario universe. An elated Jackman identified a Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and...CONTINUE READING
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