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Coral reefs in Florida Keys took a beating this hurricane season, but there’s still hope

Out on the water’s surface, floating above the site of a coral nursery was the first sign of trouble: a tangled mass of line, buoys, lobster traps, and debris.  A coral restoration team from Florida’s Mote Marine Laboratory was checking on its underwater nursery for the first time since Hurricane Irma brought 140-mph winds to...CONTINUE READING

‘Welcome to Key West’ sign found 300 miles away a month after Hurricane Irma

Just about a month after Hurricane Irma blew through Florida, everyone will know Key West is “Paradise USA” once again. The iconic “Welcome to Key West” sign was found 300 miles away from its home on Thursday in Fort Meyers Beach, according to the Miami Herald.  SEE ALSO: Hemingway’s six-toed cats may have eight lives...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Maria rocks Puerto Rico as island’s strongest storm in modern history

(Note: This story will be updated throughout the day as the storm moves across Puerto Rico.) Hurricane Maria, one of the 10 most intense storms on record in the Atlantic Ocean basin, roared ashore in southeastern Puerto Rico, near Yabucoa, at 6:15 a.m. ET.  It hit the island as a powerful Category 4 storm, with...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Irma: This monster storm is perfect in the most alarming ways

(Note: This post will be updated throughout the day as more forecast information becomes available.) Hurricane Irma became the strongest Atlantic hurricane since 2007 on Tuesday, when it reached Category 5 intensity, with maximum sustained winds of 175 miles per hour. Meteorologists are marveling at the storm’s presentation on satellite imagery, as it’s as close...CONTINUE READING

Water bottles reach insane prices on Amazon as monster storm bears down

As Florida stocks up on supplies for another monster storm, those looking for bottled water on Amazon have been frustrated to find monster price tags to match. Prices for water on the site reached as high as $100 for a single 24-pack of bottles or $63 for a single 100-ounce jug as of Tuesday morning,...CONTINUE READING

After Irma, Barbuda’s 300-year-old civilization ‘extinguished’

Ambassador Ronald Sanders, the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the United States, delivered a chilling report on the status of his country in the wake of Hurricane Irma. “The damage is complete,” Sanders told PRI’s The Takeaway. “For the first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the...CONTINUE READING

What it’s like to live through a Category 5 hurricane, as told by residents of a tiny island

Hurricane warnings in the U.S. Virgin Islands are, largely, a disrupter. It happens every year. Tourists leave on the advice of the Weather Channel, new island residents that have never experienced a hurricane wring their hands, servers and bartenders grouse about the loss of business, old timers recount stories of past hurricanes like a badge...CONTINUE READING

Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder mic dropped about climate change during last night’s hurricane telethon

Unexpected things can happen during live events and a hurricane telethon is no exception. For last night’s “Hand in Hand” hurricane relief telethon, Stevie Wonder decided to add something extra to the script.   Stevie Wonder started by saying, “When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs,...CONTINUE READING

Irma causes tree to fall on a dad’s rental house, he hollers accordingly

When Hurricane Irma knocks a tree onto your rental house, you hoot and holler. At least that’s what Irma’s latest hero John Nahabedian’s dad did. Screaming almost unintelligibly at the top of his lungs, he describes the way the tree crashes into his house: “If you look way up yonder there by the chimney, yeah...CONTINUE READING
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