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How flocks of birds got trapped inside the eye of Hurricane Florence

In 1969, researchers spotted a black and white sooty tern in Michigan. This hardy seabird, however, had little business visiting the Midwest. The saltwater species usually spends its life in the tropics, more than 1,000 miles away.  Hurricane Camille — one of the most powerful storms in U.S. history — had trapped and carried the...CONTINUE READING

NASA video shows massive scale of Hurricane Florence from space

On Friday morning, Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina, bringing extreme winds, surging seas, and huge amounts of rain to the coast. While forecasters have been keeping a close eye on the storm from the ground, the International Space Station watched the slow-moving hurricane make landfall from above.  SEE ALSO: Stunning astronaut photos show...CONTINUE READING

The Atlantic Ocean is packed with storms. What’s going on?

The Atlantic Ocean is alive. Including Hurricane Florence, there are currently four named storms — tempests with winds of at least 39 mph — churning in the Atlantic. This ties the record for the most named storms in the Atlantic at any one time.  And there could be more: There’s yet another collection of thunderstorms...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Florence is growing: 5 things to know about the monster storm

The nation’s eyes are on Hurricane Florence, which overcame some big odds to target the East Coast this week. Regardless of where the storm ultimately lands in the Carolinas, the Southeastern U.S. is due for potentially unprecedented rainfall and violent surges of ocean water.  SEE ALSO: Hurricane Florence replaced its eyewall. What does that mean?...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Florence replaced its eyewall. What does that mean?

Late Monday night, Hurricane Florence — the Category 4 storm barreling toward the East Coast of the U.S. — decided to replace its eyewall. And it’s threatening to do so again. This dramatic-sounding event tends to make major hurricanes even stronger, and larger, explained Chris Slocum, a storm researcher specializing in the inner-core processes of...CONTINUE READING

Will sea level rise make damage from Hurricane Florence worse?

Surging hurricane waters can throw around cars, boats, and houses like toys.  Six years ago, Hurricane Sandy pushed storm surges into the streets of Staten Island, New York, wrecking entire neighborhoods along the small island off the coast of Manhattan. Homes are still being rebuilt, and some have simply been abandoned. Now, a more powerful...CONTINUE READING

Watch hurricane hunters fly into the eye of an intensifying Hurricane Florence

Storm scientists are swooping through Hurricane Florence as it increases in size and heads toward landfall on the East Coast later this week. On Monday, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) team flew its four-propeller P-3 craft through the eye of Hurricane Florence, capturing stunning video of the Category 4 storm. SEE ALSO: How...CONTINUE READING

How Hurricane Florence overcame big odds to target the East Coast

Hurricane Florence has done something strange.  The Category 4 storm — which is expected to make landfall somewhere in the Southeastern U.S. on early Friday morning as a major hurricane — has broken with a 170-year long history of Atlantic hurricanes to now target the United States.  Since 1851, there have been 33 named-storms that...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Maria is the deadliest storm of the 21st century

Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria one year ago next month.  Since the island’s long recovery began, the government and independent institutions have worked to figure out exactly how many lives were taken by the effects of the extreme storm. SEE ALSO: We may never see a hurricane season worse than the one that...CONTINUE READING

Hurricane Lane weakens to tropical storm, but threat of flash flooding leaves Hawaii on edge

Hurricane Lane may have looked like a monster storm earlier this week, but it petered out by Friday thanks to strong wind shear. Now a tropical storm, Lane still poses a threat to Hawaii in the form of flash flooding.  SEE ALSO: Photos of Hurricane Lane from space show the extreme size of the monster...CONTINUE READING
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