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Elon Musk’s high-speed hyperloop tunnel in L.A. will soon be open for public rides

Elon Musk says the first tunnel is “almost done.”  Posting on Twitter on Sunday night, the Boring Company founder and CEO announced the first test tunnel of the ambitious ultra-high-speed hyperloop project in Los Angeles will be open for public rides on Dec. 11. SEE ALSO: Elon Musk tweeted about a ‘dog mode’ for Teslas...CONTINUE READING

SpaceX hyperloop competition reaches record-breaking speeds

Hyperloop technology just broke another record. SpaceX hosted its third Hyperloop Pod Competition on Sunday, and the fastest looping team broke the 240 mph world record set by Richard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop One last year. The winning team — a group of students from the Technical University of Munich — got its pod to travel...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hold ‘Loop’ press conference to shut down the haters

Haters gonna hate, but that’s not stopping Elon Musk and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel from pushing forward on a potentially game-changing new high-speed rail project. Musk and Mayor Emanuel held a press conference on Thursday to announce The Boring Company’s winning bid for an underground high-speed rail between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. “This...CONTINUE READING

Twitter is trolling Elon Musk for thinking he invented the subway

Ahh, tech industry hubris. It never ceases to inspire. On Thursday, Elon Musk held an information session to discuss the progress of his Boring Company, and share his vision for the future of transportation in Los Angeles. What that amounts to is … wait for it …. a series of tunnels! That pedestrians can access...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk’s ultra-high-speed hyperloop will cost just $1 to ride

Elon Musk is sick of Los Angeles traffic. The Boring Company, Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he was late to his own tunnel company’s information session at a synagogue in Los Angeles on Thursday night because of traffic on a major freeway. He called the congested highway “the seventh or eighth level” of hell. SEE...CONTINUE READING

This hyperloop startup is doing the unthinkable: being realistic

A hyperloop startup is sharing its vision for ultra-fast travel via pod at presentations in hotel ballrooms around the world — and a flash-bang demo in Las Vegas the presentations are not.  But that’s a good thing. SEE ALSO: Hyperloop One travel just got a step closer to reality Meet Transpod, a Canadian hyperloop startup...CONTINUE READING

Bill Gates trashes hyperloop and cryptocurrencies in AMA

Bill Gates isn’t a fan of tech’s popular buzzwords: cryptocurrency and hyperloop. The Microsoft co-founder hosted his sixth Reddit AMA on Tuesday, and didn’t hold back on his answers.  Gates doesn’t like what most people find appealing about cryptocurrencies: anonymity. “The Governments ability to find money laundering and tax evasion and terrorist funding is a...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk gets permission to do a little digging for his Hyperloop

It’s been far easier for Elon Musk to send a rocket to the Mars than move a pebble in Washington, D.C. That could be changing, according to The Washington Post. The SpaceX entrepreneur’s tunnel digging company, The Boring Company, recently received vague permission to do some exploratory digging at 53 New York Avenue NE. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Look out, Hyperloop startups: Elon Musk might finally be coming for you.

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies just started building its first passenger pod

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced this morning that it’s begun building the first full-scale passenger pods for its super-fast tube travel network. The company has agreements in place for a test track in California and the potential development of its system in Slovakia, Abu Dhabi and other countries — but this is the first real...CONTINUE READING
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