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The Trump administration is hellbent on erasing the reality of people’s lives

Donald Trump’s authoritarian leanings are on full display nearly every day in his grandiose, paranoid tweets. The president’s anti-democratic impulses are one thing to behold — they often feel like an anomalous attack on America’s key norms and institutions.  But make no mistake: A similar strain of autocratic thinking has popped up across the Trump...CONTINUE READING

Transgender couple speak out against offensive tabloid headline about their wedding

The Sun newspaper has been criticised for their headline on a piece about a trans couple getting married. SEE ALSO: This ‘gender-free’ clothing store has fashion for anyone On Tuesday, The Sun ran a story on the wedding of army officer Hannah Winterbourne to actor Jake Graf, both of whom are transgender. While the couple...CONTINUE READING

Meet the man whose voice became Stephen Hawking’s

Stephen Hawking’s computer-generated voice is so iconic that it’s trademarked — The filmmakers behind The Theory of Everything had to get Hawking’s personal permission to use the voice in his biopic. But that voice has an interesting origin story of its own. SEE ALSO: The world reacts to the death of the much-loved Stephen Hawking...CONTINUE READING

6 brands contributing to feminist causes for International Women’s Day

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a time to both celebrate the accomplishments of women and to raise awareness for issues that still affect women worldwide. To mark the day...CONTINUE READING

Want to feel tired? Here’s how a working woman got dressed in the 18th century.

As a woman who sighs loudly each and every time I put on skinny jeans, this video shook me to my core.  Clocking in at five minutes and 26 seconds, the new clip from CrowsEyeProductions shows how a Western “working woman” during the 18th century would have gotten dressed. To be honest, it’s strangely calming...CONTINUE READING

Miss America CEO resigns after sexist, offensive emails surface

There he goes, Miss America Organization CEO Sam Haskell. Haskell had been suspended Friday after a HuffPost story detailed his email correspondence over the years leading the beauty pageant. His leaked emails included many sexist, offensive comments about contestants and winners. SEE ALSO: People are angry over Miss America CEO’s alleged sexist and fat-shaming emails...CONTINUE READING

2017 was a good year for LGBTQ cinema – if you knew where to look

2017’s great year of LGBTQ filmmaking doesn’t start and end with Call Me By Your Name, Luca Guadagnino’s dreamy, sun-dappled tale of summer romance. If laden glances between Oliver and Elio have whetted your appetite for queer stories on the big screen, the last 12 months have had a lot to offer.  You just needed...CONTINUE READING

This trans student’s school tried to censor his artwork. Now it’s going viral.

Jasper Behrends just graduated from high school, but he’s already making a name for himself as an artist. And it’s all thanks to a viral tweet about his perseverance against artistic censorship. On July 12, Behrends tweeted a selection of his work depicting gender, sexuality, and body dysphoria with the words, “My school’s administration told...CONTINUE READING
Category:Identities, Lgbtq

An artist is turning stretch marks into powerful works of art

A 21-year-old artist is painting stretch marks and making a powerful statement about the pressure women feel to cover them up and to encourage people to see the beauty in their bodies.  SEE ALSO: Instagrammers are staging fake camping pictures, and this account is calling them out Cinta Tort Cartró — who goes by the...CONTINUE READING
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