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Try not to cry as this couple celebrates their 80th wedding anniversary

Warning: Get your Kleenex ready because this charming couple will bring you to tears.  Arthur and Marcia Jacobs are a centenarian couple (he’s 105 years old, she’s 100) who recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. In this video from the couple’s grandson Gabe Jacobs, the pair holds hands on the eve of the big day....CONTINUE READING

Girl Scouts community has mixed reactions to Boy Scouts’ move to include girls

The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that, after 107 years, it would welcome girls to its packs—even allowing them to attain the coveted Eagle Scout rank. Now, many people, including some in the Girl Scout community, are lauding the BSA’s decision. Some, though, worry that it will undermine girl-centric spaces. The Girl Scouts of...CONTINUE READING

8 things Trump has done to hurt girls and women since taking office

You’d be forgiven if you read President Donald Trump’s statement on the International Day of the Girl and thought you’d been transported into an alternate reality.  He, or let’s be honest the White House press team that slapped his name on this thing, says that his administration is “ensuring that every female, young and old,...CONTINUE READING

Boy Scouts will finally allow girls to join, earn Eagle Scout rank

The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that girls will be allowed to join the organization. According to NBC News, which broke the story, girls will be permitted to join single-gender Cub Scout “dens” beginning in the 2018 program year. Eventually, they will also be able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout — another...CONTINUE READING

Bill Gates tackles his next big problem: college dropouts

The U.S. has a dropout problem, and Bill Gates isn’t having it.  In a blog post published last week, the Microsoft co-founder referred to America’s 45.2 percent college dropout rate as “tragic.”  SEE ALSO: If Bill Gates could go back in time, he’d fix ‘Control+Alt+Delete’ Bill Gates is, of course, a college dropout himself, having...CONTINUE READING

YouTube debuts inspiring Pride Month video to highlight queer creators

YouTube launched its fifth-annual Pride campaign this week with a new video highlighting queer creators. When users go to YouTube’s Spotlight page, they’ll see the featured video titled “#ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride.” The video celebrates people within the LGBTQ community striving to share their stories and be themselves in a world that still...CONTINUE READING
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From Wonder Woman to Hamilton: 5 must-read books in the second half of 2017

The year’s half over, but 2017 has saved the best for last with some intense delights for geeks arriving in late summer and fall.  Case in point: these five books on our must-read list. We’ve got the return of one widely-loved writer (Philip Pullman), the successor to another (H.G. Wells), plus a couple of tomes...CONTINUE READING
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