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Watching this guy play piano with his cats will soothe all your worries

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. Prepare for your heart to explode. Between the pictures of your friends having fun without you and the barrage of creepily specific ads, who even wants to scroll...CONTINUE READING

Beyoncé came to slay with her iconic ‘Phoni Braxton’ Halloween costume

Halloween is almost upon us, which means the world is eagerly awaiting the annual costume reveal of one Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. Every October (into early November,) Queen Bey graces her Instagram followers with a flurry of Halloween-themed posts in which she reveals her extraordinarily elaborate and thoroughly impressive costumes. It’s a true blessing for all....CONTINUE READING

The ‘falling stars’ challenge is the latest way rich kids are flaunting their wealth

You ever fall out of your Lambo with armfuls of your luxury items just to flex on the proletariat?  The “Falling Stars” challenge is the latest trend sweeping Weibo and Instagram as the elite youth flaunt their wealth on social media. According to South China Morning Post, the trend is also known as the “flaunt...CONTINUE READING

The Instagram artist who turns pop divas into ‘Pokémon’ leaders warms my gaymer heart

This is Ode To…, a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. As an avid gaymer, I’m naturally drawn to anything that involves video games or my favorite female pop icons, and seeing these two worlds collide is pretty much my dream (next...CONTINUE READING

Teens use Instagram more than Snapchat, report says

Snapchat may be losing ground to Instagram with some of its most important users: teens. Instagram is now the most-used social media platform among teens, according to research firm Piper Jaffray.  SEE ALSO: Why Instagram Is Better On Desktop The new stats show that the Facebook-owned photo sharing app is slowly gaining ground over Snapchat....CONTINUE READING

Roll your eyes all you like, but Instagram poets are redefining the genre for millennials

We millennials like our poetry typed out in neat fonts on rustic pastel backgrounds, centred in a tiny square on a small screen. We read short, simple, and relatable poems which may strike a chord with us for a second before we scroll on to the next Timothée Chalamet appreciation post or #brunch pic. I’m...CONTINUE READING

You need to check out this really cool coin that has an amazing hidden feature

A mind-blowing coin with a nifty hidden mechanic is wowing the internet.  The object in question was made by Roman Booteen, an Instagram artist who creates intricate carvings on Zippo lighters and coins. Not only are the designs gorgeous to look at, some of them also have some sort of hidden feature or compartment. View...CONTINUE READING

These Insta-famous felines prove how photogenic black cats truly are

This is Ode To…, a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. It is my personal (and wildly biased) belief that black cats do not get the love or attention they deserve. Black cats are sometimes dismissed at pet adoption agencies, according to...CONTINUE READING
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