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We are sorry to say that Don Jr. posted some Fourth of July memes of his dad

Once again, Donald Trump, Jr. has made the misguided choice to log on. The large adult son and fish photo enthusiast has posted two truly baffling images of his father on Instagram. One of them features the president Photoshopped (poorly) into an American Revolution-era uniform. He is holding a gun. An eagle is perched on...CONTINUE READING

Instagram is reportedly testing a ‘questions’ feature for Stories

Have a burning question for your most loyal Instagram followers? You might soon be able to ask them in your Stories. Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would let users ask their followers open-ended questions from within their Stories, according to a user who says they’re part of the test. SEE ALSO: Instagram...CONTINUE READING

Why I unfollowed influencers in favor of relaxing slime content

This is You Won’t Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. I was once an avid follower of influencers.  The outfits! The endless brunches! The unnecessarily large pool floats that you’d probably use once and then shove into the back of a closet, hoping it...CONTINUE READING

Planagram is an app to help marketers get the most out of Instagram

Nobody wants to admit it, but most Instagram users know the optimal time to post a photo and get the biggest ego boost. It’s also known as Insta Prime Time, and it’s that period of the day when one can acquire the highest engagement rate (AKA heaps of likes and comments.) Most people take advantage of...CONTINUE READING

Instagram celebrates its latest milestone by letting you add music to your Story

Instagram Stories has blown through another big milestone. The nearly two-year-old feature now boasts 400 million daily users, the company announced on Thursday.  To celebrate, the app is adding a feature that’s likely to generate a lot of excitement among its Stories-loving users: the ability to add musical soundtracks to your posts. SEE ALSO: Instagram...CONTINUE READING

Vanity was once the preserve of the privileged but Instagram has changed all of that

Madonna might have told the world to “Express Yourself” way back in 1989, but it’s millennials who have taken self-expression to a whole new level. And we’ve only got Instagram to thank for that.  That’s not because — despite what the headlines might say — we’re a bunch of vain narcissists with nothing better to...CONTINUE READING

The world is a terrible place but at least the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge exists

Does the news cycle make you depressed? Are you exhausted from following the cesspit that is current events? Does being on social media fill you with existential dread that only wholesome animals can cure?   The “What the Fluff?” challenge is the most pure thing on the internet right now — yes, the world is...CONTINUE READING
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