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Bad news for iPhone users: Apple dumps Qualcomm

Apple’s really doing it: It’s gonna stop using Qualcomm’s superior cellular modems for the next iPhone, the chipmaker’s CFO George Davis said during its Q3 earnings call. Why should you care? Because your next iPhone could have significantly slower LTE data speeds than competing Android phones. SEE ALSO: If you want the fastest data speeds,...CONTINUE READING

If you want the fastest data speeds, get a new Android, not an iPhone

Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most advanced smartphones you can buy, successfully combining an edge-to-edge display, best-in-class cameras, fast performance, and a secure operating system into a stunning glass and metal sandwich. But for all of the iPhone X’s innovations, 2018’s flagship Android phones have the $1,000+ phone beat in at least one...CONTINUE READING

Apple’s first 5G iPhone will likely be fast, but it won’t be thanks to Intel

When Apple inevitably releases a 5G iPhone in the next couple years, Intel will reportedly have no part in powering its much-faster wireless data speeds. According to Israeli website CTech by Calcalist, Apple has canceled all orders for a 5G modem Intel was developing for future 5G-enabled iPhones slated for release in 2020.  Citing internal...CONTINUE READING
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Intel’s first ever indoor light show shines on Pride with 50 mini drones

It may not be the 1,200 drones that transformed into snowboarders and the Olympic rings for the Winter Games earlier this year, but 50 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones lit up a multi-level store building for a Pride celebration in San Francisco Friday night.  With electric cellist Tina Guo playing covers of Lady Gaga’s Born...CONTINUE READING

Amazon’s DeepLens is one smart camera

Amazon just launched a camera that thinks. The AWS DeepLens AI Deep Learning Video Camera, also called the DeepLens, was introduced in November during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference. Now it’s finally available for for $249 after much delay (it was supposed to begin shipping by “early 2018”). SEE ALSO: Facial recognition could...CONTINUE READING

Intel’s new tech paves way for 28-hour laptop battery life

Laptops with a battery life of 28 hours may soon become a reality, and it won’t even require a bigger battery.  According to Intel’s announcement at Computex, the company is working on something called “Intel Low Power Display Technology,” which can cut LCD power consumption in half, and thus drastically reduce battery drainage.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Intel just hit the nitro in the self-driving car race

Intel is all-in on autonomous cars. The company’s autonomous vehicle division, Mobileye, has signed a deal to provide self-driving technology to eight million cars for a “European automaker,” Reuters reports, citing a company official.  SEE ALSO: Car crash becomes national news because a Waymo minivan was involved The terms of the deal, and the identity...CONTINUE READING

Apple might ditch Intel chips in Macs for its own, starting in 2020

Apple might screw Intel over… starting in 2020. The tech company is reportedly planning to ditch Intel’s processors on its Macs and replace them with their own custom-designed chips, according to a report from Bloomberg. SEE ALSO: Apple patent reveals a new crumb-resistant keyboard design for MacBooks The report, sourced from the well-sourced Mark Gurman,...CONTINUE READING
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