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The Clippers tried to celebrate International Women’s Day with a quote from…NOPE

Back when I was on OkCupid, I live by a single rule: anyone who mentioned ‘Ayn Rand’ in their profile would be immediately removed from consideration. If only more people were like me. Like the Los Angeles Clippers for example, who, for International Women’s Day, decided to nominate three of their favorite feminists: Maya Angelou,...CONTINUE READING

Smash Mouth totally nailed International Women’s Day with this very mediocre art

You might know American alt-rock band Smash Mouth for their iconic song, “All-Star,” which opens the 2001 classic Shrek and has been meme’d and meme’d time after time.  SEE ALSO: Smash Mouth became the voice of the resistance then threw it all away But Smash Mouth is also a fierce proponent of women everywhere, as...CONTINUE READING

7 inspiring young activists to follow on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an annual, global event that pushes for women’s rights. In today’s political climate, there’s a lot to be done in achieving equality. Feminism isn’t all pink hats and snappy tweets — to be an intersectional feminist, you need to acknowledge the many levels of inequality that affect women worldwide.  SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

New York Times writes obituaries for heroic women they never recognized

Women are fighting for equal representation in every public domain — including the New York Times obituary page. In celebration of International Women’s Day on Thursday, the paper published a series of obituaries for famous women who should’ve received obituaries on its pages when they died, but didn’t. SEE ALSO: New York Times issues correction...CONTINUE READING

15 unsung women in tech you should know about

The first programmers weren’t men, and the first computers weren’t machines. What they were, in both cases, were women. SEE ALSO: The female mentors making a difference in Silicon Valley Women’s many contributions to technology are frequently left out of the history books. But lately, that’s been changing — at least a little. Ada Lovelace,...CONTINUE READING

Celebrate women’s stories with 12 International Women’s Day Google Doodles

Google is celebrating International Women’s Day with not one, not two, but 12 Google Doodles. Wednesday’s main Google Doodle is made up of 12 interactive stories, each representing women artists from around the world who created them. Google’s mission with the visual narratives was to inspire women everywhere to share their own unique stories.  SEE...CONTINUE READING
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