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The iPhone was made because Steve Jobs hated this guy at Microsoft

The design of the original iPhone has surprising origin story. The now iconic design came about because of a personal grudge Steve Jobs had against a Microsoft exec. SEE ALSO: The iPhone almost looked completely different, and, well, it’s not good Speaking at an event Tuesday, Scott Forstall, who lead Apple’s iOS software division under...CONTINUE READING
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Tim Cook made an iPad ad that doubles as an Auburn Univ. commercial

When the CEO of the world’s richest tech company is an alumni of your university, you’re winning. But when that CEO decides to appear in a commercial for that university, you’re basically looking at the most valuable college commercial on the planet. The CEO we’re talking about, Apple’s Tim Cook, just gave his alma mater,...CONTINUE READING

iOS 11 could finally give us the drag and drop function we’ve always wanted

If a recent leak is to be believed, Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 could finally bring a long-awaited feature to the iPhone that’ll make working on mobile even easier. Typically, working on iOS means you’re stuck cycling between various apps. Sure, if you’re using an iPad, the Split View feature gives you the opportunity to work...CONTINUE READING

iPad artist turns his side hustle into official NBA art

Strong, thick digital ink lines give Robert Generette III’s sports figures shape, while comic book-bright colors bring them to life. They’re not just sketches on an Instagram feed, but bodies in motion, pitching, shooting baskets, running, punching, yelling. Often at full-tilt.  This is sports as it should be depicted and as masters like the late...CONTINUE READING
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SanDisk’s new iXpand Base charges your phone and backs it up at the same time

Everyone wants their iPhone backed up, but no one wants to take the time to actually do it.  SanDisk’s iXpand Base tries to solve that problem by backing up your phone every time you charge it.   SEE ALSO: Siri-powered wireless charging dock could be the iPhone’s ultimate companion First, you’ll need to download the...CONTINUE READING
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Why you should turn off your Bluetooth right now

In case you needed another reason to fear for your phone’s security: Your phone, computer, smartwatch, and smart home devices are at risk of being hacked whenever bluetooth is on.  The vulnerability, known as BlueBorne, was discovered by security research firm Armis. The researchers were able to infiltrate a Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy phones, an...CONTINUE READING
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