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Apple removes all VPN apps from China App Store, report

In a move sure to put Apple’s ongoing activities in China under a more intense international microscope, a number of foreign-made VPN software apps have been removed from China’s app store, according to a report from The New York Times.  SEE ALSO: Whatsapp users in China report issues sending pictures and video, fearing censorship The...CONTINUE READING
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The incredible ways people with disabilities customize their tech to thrive

There’s something undeniably special in the way Meera Phillips looks at you when you speak. It’s as if your words are the only words that will ever matter, whether you’re talking about something silly or something serious.  The 15-year-old knows the value of hearing what people say. That’s because she’s used to not being heard....CONTINUE READING
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Whaddya know, iPad and Apple Watch are selling like crazy again

Yeah, yeah, Apple makes a lot of money.  Yesterday’s earnings call confirmed this once again, causing a sizable jump in Apple’s stock price, but the really interesting news is that certain categories of Apple products which haven’t been doing that great again are selling much better than last year.  Namely, iPad and Apple Watch.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

If you use a non-Gmail email account, you can finally use the Gmail app

Does anyone out there still use an email other than Gmail?  Google announced today that it’s testing a new feature that will allow select users to check their emails on the Gmail iOS app. It’s compatible with email addresses from services such as Yahoo, Live, and Outlook (yes, that’s still a thing).  SEE ALSO: Google...CONTINUE READING
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How to use Apple Files in iOS 11

Read more… {“player”:{“description”:”iOS 11 is available now.”,”image”:”https://i.amz.mshcdn.com/5jAcRkbL2gP5EdGMiygEH9x4sCg=/https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com%2Fcms%2F2017%2F9%2F86cf2c30-847a-894b%2Fthumb%2F00001.jpg”,”mediaid”:”a50q63bnMg”,”preload”:false,”title”:”Apple’s iOS 11 finally turns the iPad into a ‘real’ computer… mostly”,”sources”:[{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/86cf2c30-847a-894b/hls.m3u8″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/86cf2c30-847a-894b/dash.mpd”},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/86cf2c30-847a-894b/mp4/1080.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/86cf2c30-847a-894b/mp4/720.mp4″},{“file”:”https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2017/9/86cf2c30-847a-894b/mp4/480.mp4″}]},”options”:{“disableAds”:false,”disableSharing”:false,”nextupAction”:”autoplay”,”embedUrl”:”http://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:a50q63bnMg/embed/?player=offsite”,”standaloneUrl”:null,”post”:{“url”:”http://mashable.com/2017/09/19/apple-ios-11-review/”,”date”:”2017-09-19T15:02:17.000Z”,”bp_id”:57197,”wp_id”:null}},”advertising”:{“params”:{“keywords”:”tech,apple,iphone,ipad,ios,technology,reviews,mashable-video,tech utility,operating system,real-time,real-time video,real time,apple iphone,real-time-video,real time video,ios 11,tech news,ios update”,”sec0″:null,”sec1″:””,”prc”:””}},”analytics”:{“labels”:”tech,apple,iphone,ipad,ios,technology,reviews,mashable-video,tech utility,operating system,real-time,real-time video,real time,apple iphone,real-time-video,real time video,ios 11,tech news,ios update”,”videoSeriesName”:null}} More about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Apps, and Ipad Powered by WPeMatico
Category:Apple, Apps, Ipad, Iphone
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