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Walmart will give you nearly $100 off an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus through Aug. 17

   Advantages of being Team iPhone: Apple street cred and blue iMessages. What else is there? Disadvantages of being Team iPhone: Well, they tend to shit out after about two years of use (conveniently near the time a new iPhone is about to be released). If you’re really unlucky, yours croaked way early — and...CONTINUE READING

If you want Apple Pencil support on the iPhone, 2018 could be your year

The latest rumor about Apple’s 2018 iPhones is that the lineup will have the first iPhone models to support the Apple Pencil. The precise pricing is also coming into better focus. TrendForce, a market analysis company, is reporting the rumored “budget” LCD iPhone will cost around $699 with Face ID. The more feature-filled OLED models...CONTINUE READING

Google tracks you even if you turn off ‘location history’: report

So, you’ve turned off Location History on your phone in an effort to maintain your privacy and limit the amount of data you share with the big tech companies. Well, it turns out Google may still be tracking your movements. An AP investigation published Monday discovered that some of Google’s many different services are still...CONTINUE READING

Expand your phone’s storage with this iOS flash drive

The iPhone never has as much storage space as we’d wish it would. iCloud alleviated that slightly by offering a way to access photos, music, and videos without maxing out your hard drive, but it also required an internet connection to open those files. Media junkies on the go (think photographers, editors, DJs, etc.) need...CONTINUE READING

Logitech’s new wireless charger is tailor-made for the iPhone

If you’re tired of waiting for the AirPower to finally arrive, Logitech has a quick, iPhone-shaped fix.  The company’s new Powered wireless charger, designed “in collaboration with Apple,” can’t charge more than one device at a time, but it’s tailor-made for the iPhone (especially the iPhone X) and has a couple of details that might...CONTINUE READING

The latest iOS 12 beta all but confirms a bigger iPhone X

iOS 12 has truly been a treasure trove of both heating up the rumor mill and strongly hinting at upcoming devices. Since last’s September iPhone X unveiling, rumors have been swirling that a larger model, presumably the iPhone X Plus, was en route for 2018. Now, legendary iOS developer, Guilherme Rambo, has taken to Twitter...CONTINUE READING
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