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Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy pills, Tefal air fryers, Philips juicers, and extra on sale for March four in the United Kingdom

Mondays can be tough. They can start off bad and then grind you down until you’ve got nothing left. Monday can also be great. You can start the week with positivity and energy if your attitude is right. Getting it right is easier said than done though, and the way your day pans out can...CONTINUE READING

Apple calmly tells Congress iPhones aren’t spying on users

There’s more evidence debunking the conspiracy theory that your iPhone is secretly listening to you. On Tuesday, Apple responded to the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s requests for information on the data Apple products collect on customers. The letter mostly focused on location sharing as well as the inflammatory question of whether iPhones are listening...CONTINUE READING

Apple’s officially making it harder for cops to bust into your iPhone

Score one for privacy.  Apple intends to update its iOS with a new feature that will make it significantly more difficult for law enforcement agencies to access data on locked iPhones. While we learned last month that something similar was in the works, we now know for sure that the Cupertino-based tech giant intends to...CONTINUE READING

This startup wants everyone to love their bank as much as they love their phone

It’s pretty easy to tell what phone someone has when you’re with them, but what about their bank? Well, most people probably wouldn’t bother asking a stranger or even a close friend what bank they use. Angelo D’Alessandro hopes to change that with his startup Buddybank.   SEE ALSO: DoorDash helps users combat food waste...CONTINUE READING
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She strapped 102 iPhones to her body and, surprise, was caught by customs

If you’re going to try to smuggle dozens of iPhones, maybe taping them to your body and trying to hide them under your clothes isn’t the best way to get through customs. One woman found this out the hard way while trying to sneak 102 iPhones from Hong Kong into mainland China, specifically Shenzhen—where, ironically,...CONTINUE READING

Criminal gang act like they’re in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ while stealing iPhones from moving truck

It sometimes feels like the world is driven by iPhone lust. But would you ever imagine people so thirsty for iPhones that they’re willing to break into a moving vehicle to steal them? That’s exactly what a group of five motivated thieves did to an iPhone delivery truck in the Netherlands about a week ago....CONTINUE READING

Indians went on an iPhone buying spree after government demonetized currency

India’s push to invalidate much of its cash earlier this month has taken a toll on several businesses including smartphone sales, but at least, one player, Apple will have little to complaint about.  Following India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major announcement, Apple sold more than 100,000 iPhones in India in three days, according to industry...CONTINUE READING

<div>Thought you'd buy yourself an iPhone 7 on Friday? Too bad, UK.</div>

LONDON — Bad news if you were planning on hitting the iPhone queue tomorrow. Despite the expense and the lack of a headphone jack everyone’s been whinging about, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are completely sold out in the UK — in every colour. So the lucky souls who reserved their phones will...CONTINUE READING
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