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Matt Smith has some mixed reactions to these ‘Doctor Who’ fan tattoos

There aren’t many of us who will ever be famous enough to inspire tattoos of our actual faces on other people’s bodies.  Matt Smith is, though. His time playing Doctor Who has meant that he’s actually inspired a whole bunch of ’em. During his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday,...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande ‘Carpool Karaoke’ is 13 minutes of truly outrageous harmonies

Okay, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is Ariana Grande’s Carpool Karaoke never does answer the question of how exactly Grande managed to injure her hand during filming. (When the episode starts, she’s already bandaged up.) The good news? The whole episode is awesome. Ariana Grande is a stunning singer, the...CONTINUE READING

James Corden made Mayim Bialik put her face on a mop and it’s surprisingly endearing

Watching fully grown adults nuzzling their faces up against different things is cute for some inexplicable reason. Actress Mayim Bialik and basketball player Ben Simmons were guests on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, where they played a game of “Nuzzle Whaaa?” against Corden and his resident drummer, Guillermo Brown. Blindfolded, each player has to...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande and James Corden gave ‘Titanic’ a new soundtrack and it was amazing

If there were to be a remake of Titanic and you had to recast the roles of Rose and Jack, who would you choose?  SEE ALSO: Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’ is  the empowering anthem the world needs After watching this Titanic soundtrack sketch from The Late Late Show your choice may just be...CONTINUE READING

Ray Romano plays adorably awkward guessing game with his son

To be fair, this is way less embarrassing than the time Ray Romano pulled his other son Matt up on stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live in order to try and find him a girlfriend. SEE ALSO: Ray Romano hits back at Jon Hamm’s impression of him It’s still enjoyably awkward, though. In the clip above,...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande returned from filming ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with a mysterious hand injury

Pretty much the only guarantee when watching an episode of Carpool Karaoke is that something unexpected is probably going to happen. Ed Sheeran taking on the Maltesers challenge. Miley Cyrus licking stamps. Madonna twerking in the passenger seat. The list goes on. Anyway, it looks like Ariana Grande’s upcoming episode will be absolutely no exception...CONTINUE READING

Kris Jenner ate some truly disgusting things to dodge personal questions from James Corden

Choosing between your children is every mother’s worst nightmare.  That includes number one celebrity mum Kris Jenner, who would rather drink a — *holds back vomit* — sardine smoothie than answer which of her children she would kick off Keeping Up With The Kardashians if she had to.  SEE ALSO: Here’s which Kardashian lost the...CONTINUE READING

100 kids (and James Corden) play football against Manchester United players

It truly was a game of quality versus quantity when James Corden of The Late Late Show had his LLS Football Club (LLSFC) play Manchester United in Los Angeles, U.S. While Man United was only represented by coach José Mourinho and players Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Chris Smalling, Corden’s LLSFC consisted of 100 children....CONTINUE READING

Tom Cruise and James Corden’s skydiving trip is 11 minutes of hilarious tension

Tom Cruise and James Corden always seem to have fairly energetic meet-ups. First they acted out Cruise’s entire film career in 9 minutes, then they went on a boat trip, and now they’re going on their most ambitious day out yet — an actual skydive. SEE ALSO: Dominic Cooper and James Corden test their friendship...CONTINUE READING

James Corden’s audience Q&A gets very awkward, very fast

Sometimes the best sketches are the ones where you can’t quite tell whether it’s a sketch or not. That’s how James Corden’s audience Q&A starts. At first you think it’s just going to be a nice opportunity for the audience to ask their favourite host a few questions — but then just a couple of...CONTINUE READING
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