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Harrison Ford recollects his good friend, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew

Harrison Ford has paid tribute to his longtime friend, the late great Peter Mayhew, who was known for playing Han Solo’s towering co-pilot, Chewbacca the Wookiee. Talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday, the Star Wars actor said just a few words about his friend, who passed away on May 3. Ford noted...CONTINUE READING

Millie Bobby Brown is just about a human iPod in Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Beat Struggle’

Millie Bobby Brown, who you might know as a good rapper, is pretty good at pulling random song lyrics out of her head too. The Stranger Things star dropped into The Tonight Show on Wednesday, where she sung alongside Jimmy Fallon in a segment called “Beat Battle.” You shouldn‘t be so surprised, but Brown is...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon rips into ‘Recreation of Thrones’ for the stray water bottle within the finale

Uh oh. Looks like someone left a water bottle under their chair in the Game of Thrones finale.  Jimmy Fallon shared his thoughts on the finale’s parting gift to eagle-eyed viewers.  “First the coffee cup, now water, at this point the Iron Throne should just have cup holders,” he quipped. “I guess we were just...CONTINUE READING

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg would additionally love to ‘Sluggish Jam the Information’

Pete Buttigieg is hoping to smooth his way to the presidency. The mayor of South Bend dropped into The Tonight Show on Monday night, where he joined Jimmy Fallon for another edition of “Slow Jam the News,” in which he spent his time talking about his platform and what kind of president he’d aim to...CONTINUE READING

Will Smith previews his model of ‘Aladdin’ vintage ‘Good friend Like Me’ and it is if truth be told nice

It’s the moment Disney fans are waiting for, and one many are coming at with eyebrows raised — Will Smith’s version of “Friend Like Me.” The star of the new live action Aladdin takes on the coveted role of the Genie, one immortalised by the late great Robin Williams. “Robin Williams smashed that role,” Smith...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds were given himself in serious trouble all through his way performing procedure for ‘Detective Pikachu’

Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic actor. So fantastic in fact, that he takes the full-on Daniel Day Lewis approach to method acting to prepare for his roles.  Which is why he didn’t pick up his two daughters from school when he found out he’d been cast as the title role in the Detective Pikachu movie. ...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon spit water in every different’s face as a result of amusing, proper? RIGHT?

Pick a cup, take a sip, maybe spit in your friend’s face? Fun, right? Jimmy Fallon invited Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds to The Tonight Show for a new game called “Spit Take Roulette,” which features 12 cups to sip from — five full of water, the rest filled with mystery liquids. If it’s not...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon and Robert Irwin get snug with a miniature horse

With always a swag of cute animals, Robert Irwin is unsurprisingly a very welcome regular guest on The Tonight Show. In the most recent appearance on Tuesday, Irwin introduces Jimmy Fallon to a very adorable miniature horse called Li’l Sebastian (yes, named for Parks and Recreation’s tiny horse), and a giant African millipede called Millie...CONTINUE READING

Noah Centineo and Jimmy Fallon drop strikes you might have noticed at each and every highschool dance

Perfect Date star and presumably perfect date Noah Centineo seems to know his way around an awkward high school dance floor. Everyone’s favourite Netflix teen rom-com star challenged Jimmy Fallon to a dance battle on The Tonight Show Monday night, using weird moves that could be found at a school dance. There’s the classic “Dirty...CONTINUE READING
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