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Jimmy Fallon made Steph Curry drop bizarre words into NBA All-Big name interviews

Did Steph Curry’s interviews over the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend seem full of weird turns of phrase to you? It’s all Jimmy Fallon’s fault. For a segment subbed “Drop It In,” The Tonight Show host had the basketball star slip strange words into his post-game chats, and Curry managed to weave them all in multiple...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon and Kendall Jenner bet whether or not or no longer items are fit to be eaten

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether something is real or made out of food, you know? Jimmy Fallon invited model Kendall Jenner to play a game called “Food or Not Food?” on The Tonight Show, and honestly, we couldn’t tell from afar. The pair took turns guessing whether shoes, phones or classic toys like Mr....CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon and Priyanka Chopra Jonas crew as much as fawn over Nick Jonas

Jimmy Fallon just wants to be a teenager forever. The late night show host had a ball buddying up with BFF Mia, a.k.a. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, for another edition of “Ew!” during The Tonight Show on Tuesday night. They did what teens presumably do these days, like creating their own TikTok video, and fawning over...CONTINUE READING

Kim Kardashian and Jimmy Fallon wager thriller items via contact, completely freak out

Fear of the unknown is a real thing, guys. Just ask Kim Kardashian West and Jimmy Fallon. In the evidently nerve-wracking game above, the two have to guess what’s inside a mystery box by touch alone. Cue significant amounts of squealing, screaming, and multiple attempts to run away — all from Fallon. Read more… More...CONTINUE READING

Priyanka Chopra Jonas explains why she took her husband’s title

Unless you’ve been hiding under a giant rock these past few months, you’ll know that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married. Priyanka Chopra has since added Jonas to her name and she explained to Jimmy Fallon why she wanted to do that.  “I always wanted to add his name to mine because I feel...CONTINUE READING

Backstreet Boys. Rooster fits. Jimmy Fallon. What the cluck is that this?

If you’re a longtime fan of the Backstreet Boys, you’ll ever love or truly hate this. The longtime boy band joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to promote their just-landed album DNA on Thursday night. But of course, most fans will know the BSB from their back catalogue of hits, in particular 1997’s “Everybody...CONTINUE READING

Robert Irwin let 3 mischievous African serval kittens run over Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon invited The Tonight Show regular and Animal Planet host Robert Irwin back on the show, with his usual assortment of cute baby animals. The 15-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin, Robert has the same level of infectious enthusiasm as his dad for all creatures great and small — including peppered cockroaches. But...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Fallon challenged YouTube superstar JoJo Siwa to an ‘competitive dance-off’

There are dance-offs, and then there are “aggressive dance-offs.” Jimmy Fallon challenged wildly popular 15-year-old YouTube dancer and pop star JoJo Siwa, known for her appearances on Lifetime‘s Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, to one heck of a dance challenge on Monday night’s show. “I don’t want to know who can dance the...CONTINUE READING

Rachel Brosnahan remains to be very, very, VERY into ‘Pokémon GO’

You might think the whole Pokémon GO thing has died off. But try telling that to Rachel Brosnahan.  The Golden Globe and Emmy-winning star of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel told Jimmy Fallon that she’s not only still into the mobile game, but that she’s a level 37 Pokémon GO Master —  Reddit user _problemz was...CONTINUE READING

Michael B. Jordan texts his good friend Thanos to invite for assist with an stressful drawback

If you’re faced with an annoying individual who just won’t stop talking, there are a number of people you can call. The most common get-out option would be a friend, ideally someone who can give you a handy excuse to leave the situation post-haste. The alternative option is Thanos. In the clip above, Michael B....CONTINUE READING
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