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Tiffany Haddish says she ‘would thrive in space’

You’d better believe Tiffany Haddish would be quite alright existing in space. The Girls Trip star and Saturday Night Live favourite joined Jimmy Kimmel for a cocktail and “Three Ridiculous Questions” on Thursday night, one of which was whether or not she would do well in space. “I know I would thrive in space,” she...CONTINUE READING

Kanye West says he ‘wasn’t given a chance’ to answer Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump question

Kanye West appeared to be rendered speechless when Jimmy Kimmel asked him whether Donald Trump cared about black people. But he’d like to clarify that, no, he was just giving it some thought! West’s Thursday interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live concluded somewhat strangely after Kimmel posed the question: West did not answer, then Kimmel abruptly...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what Kimmel said after Kanye said we should try and ‘love’ more

Kanye West has defended his support for Donald Trump to Jimmy Kimmel, but there was one moment when the late show host couldn’t help but pinpoint perspective about the president. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, West was talking about the concept of love, particularly pushing the idea of promoting a...CONTINUE READING

Kristen Bell is ‘not ashamed’ of her anti-prune pool gloves

Kristen Bell wears gloves in the pool as a nifty trick to prevent pruney fingers, and she’s not ashamed, people. Perpetually delightful The Good Place actor Bell told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday her reasons behind the gloves. Bell’s husband Dax Shephard had both talked to Kimmel about it and wrote on Instagram in July that...CONTINUE READING

Finally, a climate change ad specifically for Trump

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is clueless about climate change. Given the soaring summer heat in many parts of the globe, including the Arctic Circle, it’s about time the president pay attention. It’s a tricky task, but Jimmy Kimmel might have the solution by creating an ad that puts those issues into terms that...CONTINUE READING

Mark Hamill, aware of how much Han Solo’s jacket is going for, tries to sell his pants on Jimmy Kimmel

Upon hearing that Han Solo’s jacket from The Empire Strikes Back is up for sale for a mild $1.3 million, Mark Hamill made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to hawk off his pants. He’s only asking for $100,000, which is a relative bargain compared to other Star Wars memorabilia that’s on sale. There’s...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel made a Scrabble board, but for Trump words

Trump’s typos became comedy fodder again on Wednesday, with Jimmy Kimmel attempting to figure out what on earth a “smocking gun” is, as per the president’s now-deleted tweet. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel finally responds to Trump’s bizarre rally rant — with a fact check On top of that, Kimmel made his very own Scrabble board,...CONTINUE READING

Turns out Jon Stewart’s been working undercover ever since he left ‘The Daily Show’

Ever wondered how Jon Stewart’s been filling his days since he left The Daily Show back in 2015? Well, now you know. SEE ALSO: Jon Stewart to Trump on immigration crisis: ‘Boy, you f***ed that up.’ On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel Live took to Hollywood Boulevard to ask some of the superheroes who work there for...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel finally responds to Trump’s bizarre rally rant — with a fact check

Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty quiet about Donald Trump’s recent vendetta against late night show hosts. During a rally for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump called Stephen Colbert a “low life,” Jimmy Fallon a “lost soul,” and Kimmel “terrible.” But unlike Colbert and Fallon, Kimmel had yet to respond.  Now we know why — he...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump goes after Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel in bizarre speech

Donald Trump could be fixing his immigration disaster right now, but instead spent part of Monday night insulting late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel. And we’re pretty sure they’ll have something to say about it.  During a rally for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Trump railed against all three comedians, especially NBC...CONTINUE READING
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