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That ‘scary time for boys’ viral anthem gets a performance on Jimmy Kimmel

That viral anthem for all of the scared men and boys has gone all the way to Jimmy Kimmel Live. On Monday, musician and dance teacher Lynzy Lab, who works at Texas State University, tweeted a video of herself singing her clever, timely skewering of Donald Trump’s misguided claim that it’s a “very scary time...CONTINUE READING

Nickelback are immune to your mean tweets, in fact, they relish them

Nickelback are pretty good sports when it comes to being one of the most ridiculed bands on the planet. I guess you have to be. In the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s way harsh segment “Mean Tweets,” music stars like Pink, Miley Cyrus, The Strokes, Schoolboy Q, Imagine Dragons, Tyga, Dua Lipa, and Gwen Stefani...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s Presidential Alerts get turned into a blockbuster movie trailer

It’s fair to say some people aren’t keen for more Trump on their devices, as indicated by the reaction to the Presidential Alert system which was tested on Wednesday. These mobile alerts allow direct communication from the president to the American people, and would typically be used in emergencies, like a terrorist attack or a...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel was full of praise for Christine Blasey Ford after her testimony

It has certainly been quite the day.  Following the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, Jimmy Kimmel was full of praise for Christine Blasey Ford, whose testimony captivated America. “She was polite, likeable, well spoken and more than anything, it was striking to see someone questioned before the senate that actually answered questions. I think that’s a first,”...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel tears into Trump’s press conference in brutal 12-minute monologue

Donald Trump’s Wednesday press conference may have been extremely long-winded and baffling, but it certainly gave the late night hosts a lot of material. “Donald Trump treated the media gathered in New York to a rambling, angry, jumbled, dishonest and frequently incoherent hour-and-twenty-minute-long press conference,” Jimmy Kimmel says in the monologue above. “It might still...CONTINUE READING

Bat vs. scorpion. Who will win? Snoop Dogg narrates.

Snoop Dogg as a nature series narrator is truly one of the planet’s exceptional gifts.  Jimmy Kimmel invited the rapper back for another instalment of beloved nature segment #PlizzanetEarth, based on David Attenborough’s award-winning series. In Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, Snoop commentated on an epic battle between a scorpion and a bat. It’s exactly...CONTINUE READING

Peter Dinklage played a classic dark prank on the ‘Game of Thrones’ set

Game of Thrones, what with its constant violence, intense politics, and casual dragons, doesn’t seem like it’d be a set abundant with hilarity and horsing around. But three-time Emmy-winner Peter Dinklage says he played both prankster and victim on set, telling Jimmy Kimmel he had quite the dark (and pretty classic) trick to play. “I...CONTINUE READING

Adorable engaged couple from the Emmys talk to Jimmy Kimmel from bed

It was the heart-wrenching highlight of a pretty hum-drum Emmys — a live proposal. When Glenn Weiss landed the Emmy in Directing a Variety Special at the Oscars this year, he surprised the audience — and particularly his girlfriend Jan Friedlander Svendsen — by popping the question during his acceptance speech. Guys, she said yes....CONTINUE READING

No matter how technologically advanced we get, kids still love fart noises

While kids of yesteryear would’ve relied on whoopie cushions, armpits, or maybe even putty for their fart noises, children these days have apps. As Jimmy Kimmel found out on Thursday, these apps are hot with the younger set these days, and they’re aficionados for certain kinds of sounds.  Even Kimmel has his very own fart...CONTINUE READING

Christina Aguilera says she’d do a song with supposed longtime rival Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera might be an anomaly for wishing social media was around at the start of her career, but she certainly has a good reason. Throughout the early-2000s, the purported Aguilera and Britney Spears rivalry helped to fill celebrity gossip pages around the globe. Although they had different voices and sensibilities, they were relentlessly pitted...CONTINUE READING
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