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Christina Aguilera serenades unsuspecting donut shoppers

You’re keen for a donut. You rock up to the shop. Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle” is playing through the speakers. But wait, are those lyrics about… you? For a new segment dubbed “Undercover Sing,” the pop monarch herself teamed up with late show host Jimmy Kimmel. The task? Serenade unsuspecting customers at a...CONTINUE READING

Marie Kondo sparks pleasure tidying up Jimmy Kimmel’s place of work

In case you hadn’t noticed because you’re hidden under a pile of your old shitty t-shirts, Marie Kondo has been sparking joy and making people clean out their cupboards worldwide. The best-selling author and Netflix show host has brought her signature KonMari method to households around the world, sparking the attention of Jimmy Kimmel. The...CONTINUE READING

Chris Pine and Jimmy Kimmel nerd out over their first ever live shows

What was your first concert? Did one of your parents take you or did you go it alone? Chris Pine’s a keen Metallica fan, but it wasn’t his first concertHollywood Chris and star of both Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and I Am the Night, Pine had a delightful nerd-out with Jimmy Kimmel on Friday over...CONTINUE READING

Can children pay attention Grover shedding an F-bomb in that viral audio phantasm?

At the end of December, Redditor u/schrodert was watching Sesame Street with his daughter, when he thought he heard beloved monster Grover drop an F-bomb. “Yes, yes that’s a fucking excellent idea!” he seemed to say. The clip went viral, like the whole Laurel/Yanny debate, even Jimmy Kimmel heard it. But the late show host wanted...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump added to Mount Rushmore… via Jimmy Kimmel

Picture this: Donald Trump’s giant face added to Mount Rushmore, sitting beside the likenesses of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.  That’s the scenario Jimmy Kimmel thrust upon viewers on Monday night, during his two-years-in-the-presidency special “Intermission Accomplished: A Halftime Tribute to Trump.” Starring Anthony Atamanuik, Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan,...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel provides federal workers paintings all through Trump’s shutdown

It’s Day 17 of the U.S. government shutdown, with Donald Trump refusing to budge on his demand of $5.7 billion to build his border wall, and about to make a prime-time address on the subject on Tuesday. Meanwhile, nearly 800,000 federal employees are currently working without pay, something Jimmy Kimmel pointed out in his return...CONTINUE READING

‘Huckabee in a Tree’ is right here to hide your tracks those vacations

Kids, if you need someone to cover your tracks these holidays, Jimmy Kimmel has an idea. “Huckabee in a Tree” is the latest holiday adornment cooked up the show, inspired by the long-standing watcher Elf on the Shelf. Kimmel’s version of the surveilling ornament comes in the form of the White House Press Secretary, Sarah...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel gets Michelle Obama to say stuff she couldn’t in the White House

Once upon a time, being in the White House required you to maintain a level of decorum. Now that Michelle Obama is out of there, the former First Lady can tell us about where she stole her phrase “they go low, we go high” from, and who her “freebie” is. It’s exactly what she did...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel’s story of having dinner with Emily Blunt’s mom will make you cringe laugh

Turns out Jimmy Kimmel’s family and Emily Blunt’s family are pretty close.  They go on holiday together, they have dinner together, and — in particular — Kimmel is a huge fan of Emily Blunt’s mom. In the clip above, Kimmel decides to share a story that illustrates why he thinks she’s so awesome — and...CONTINUE READING
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