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J.K. Rowling’s brutal tweet just summed up the absolute state of British politics

Another day, another dose of Brexit-themed mayhem. Brexit has been a source of intense confusion and uncertainty pretty much since the vote got passed back in 2016, but this week has been manic even by normal standards. SEE ALSO: 67 ways your life may change if the UK ‘Brexits’ It started on Sunday night, when...CONTINUE READING

J.K. Rowling just coined a Harry Potter version of ‘splaining’ and it’s A+

Is there a word for the scenario where someone tries to explain the meaning of your own book to you? Well, there is now. J.K. Rowling’s just invented it. SEE ALSO: JK Rowling can’t stop laughing after Trump boasts about his writing abilities It started on Tuesday night, when someone on Twitter attempted to compare...CONTINUE READING

J.K. Rowling sends a truly spell-binding gift to a 12-year-old ‘Harry Potter’ fan

J.K. Rowling has close to 15 million Twitter followers, and gets tagged in tweets pretty much every single minute. But that doesn’t mean she ignores all of them. SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling sends super sweet reply to single parent who thanked her for ‘Harry Potter’ Back in April Sabbah Haji Baji, the director of Haji...CONTINUE READING

The Royal Wedding was another perfect opportunity to troll Trump’s inauguration

The Royal Wedding day was all about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Donald Trump, of course. As massive crowds showed up to celebrate the couple’s big day, many couldn’t help but notice that more people seemed to crowding the streets of the post-wedding carriage procession through Windsor than were present at Donald Trump’s 2017 Inauguration....CONTINUE READING

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ is pure magic

Anthony Boyle is bringing sympathy to the Malfoy family in his role as ScorpiusBoyle, who was nominated for a Tony for his role, describes what it was like reading for the role, meeting J.K. Rowling, and the impact Harry Potter has had.  Read more…More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Harry Potter, Jk Rowling, and Actor Powered...CONTINUE READING

J.K. Rowling takes aim at Donald Trump’s massive signature on Twitter

It’s been a little while since J.K. Rowling took a shot at the President on Twitter. Maybe she felt as though she’d temporarily exhausted her supply of Trump-sults, or maybe she was just focussing on her latest book. Either way, the hiatus appears to be over. SEE ALSO: 14 times J.K. Rowling absolutely annihilated Donald...CONTINUE READING

J.K. Rowling has spoken, owls are better than Brexit

It’s very often that political discussions are simple, especially when it comes to Brexit. But every now and then, you get a real no-brainer. SEE ALSO: JK Rowling reveals new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ character Journalist Christopher Hope tweeted on Thursday, putting a Brexit spin on the Royal Mail’s new commemorative owl stamps. Why do owls get...CONTINUE READING

How to use tech to become an actual wizard like Harry Potter

Stop waiting for your letter Fans of quills, letters, and playing sports with household items, there’s still hope. Wizards in Harry Potter don’t really use primitive muggle technology because, you know, they have magic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a wizard using muggle technology right? Don’t fork out for a Kwikspell course. Here’s...CONTINUE READING

This 15-year-old’s heartbreaking poem is so good even J.K. Rowling retweeted it

You know you must be on to something when your writing gets tweeted by J.K. Rowling herself. SEE ALSO: 11 times J.K. Rowling tweeted awesome writing advice On Friday morning, teacher Kate Clanchy from Oxford, UK, shared a poem written by one of her students. “The kids always write the best poems after they’ve stopped...CONTINUE READING
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