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John Oliver asks Monica Lewinsky about her revel in of public shaming

Is it ever okay for someone to be publicly shamed? That’s the tricky question tackled by John Oliver on Sunday’s edition to Last Week Tonight. As part of the deep dive, Oliver goes through some recent examples of times a single person has faced widespread wrath — from the woman wrongfully accused of being the...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver has a superbly brutal technique to the rising drawback of robocalls

Ever picked up your phone to find yourself speaking with a robot? You’re very much not alone. Everyone’s least favourite form of communication increased by 60 percent last year, per CNBC, and the fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by John Oliver. In his latest monologue for Last Week Tonight Oliver is on his usual top, angry...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver has some stark ideas concerning the 2020 elections

Are the 2020 elections worth going into in any great detail at the moment? John Oliver isn’t so sure. “The bar’s pretty low now,” the comedian and Last Week Tonight host told Seth Meyers. “Whenever anyone announces for president now you just go, ‘Sure, fine — yeah, added to the list, you’re fine. Kamala Harris,...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver screaming Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Long gone’ is all folks

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is too high-pitched for mere mortals like ourselves, Shaq, John Oliver, Rachel Brosnahan, Anthony Anderson, and even Mumford and Sons. That didn’t stop Jimmy Fallon from challenging a bunch of celebrities and musicians to try their voices on the formidable pop song. The Tonight Show host whacked headphones on...CONTINUE READING

The winners and losers of Trump comedy in 2018

From one wild White House Correspondents’ Dinner to a hidden camera show that changed the game, 2018’s comedy landscape was brimming with political takedowns. At the center of it all: Donald J. Trump.  Whether you delight in partisan mockery or find the whole situation terrifying and exhausting, you were almost certainly audience to one or...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver rips apart Trump’s old promise to ‘drain the swamp’ in 16-minute rant

Remember Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp”?  John Oliver does. In the 16-minute clip above from Last Week Tonight, he breaks down exactly how well he thinks Trump has done when it comes to this particular promise. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t think it’s gone so well. And to illustrate why Oliver uses three different...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver’s scathing 16-minute rant about ‘the Brazilian Trump’

There’s been so much stuff going on in the world lately that you may not have had a chance to read much about the Brazilian election yet. As John Oliver breaks down in the video above, though, the situation is pretty grim. Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro just won the first round of voting in the...CONTINUE READING

FCC claims of DDoS net neutrality attack were ‘bogus’

Pretty much everyone saw this coming.  A forthcoming report from the FCC’s Office of Inspector General reportedly dispels earlier dubious claims from the FCC that its comment system was hit by a distributed denial of service attack in May of last year. It turns out, after all, that the commission’s site was likely brought to...CONTINUE READING

John Oliver tears in to Facebook’s ‘bullsh*t’ apology ads

You’ve undoubtedly seen those Facebook ads where the company is pleading, pleading that it’s taking fake news seriously numerous times already.  Well, Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver only has one response: “Fuck you.”  SEE ALSO: Facebook‘s top security exec urges company to collect less user data Oliver tore into the social media giant on Sunday,...CONTINUE READING

The Blockbuster from ‘Last Week Tonight’ just closed

The dream of Blockbuster was alive in Alaska, but no longer. The Blockbuster stores chugging along up North – including the one that John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight donated Russell Crowe-themed movie props to – are closing down. The last surviving Blockbuster will be in Bend, Or. SEE ALSO: Samantha Bee has always been Trump’s...CONTINUE READING
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