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In spite of ‘transparency’ claims, Fb stops watchdogs from tracking commercials

Facebook appears to be talking out of both sides of its mouth again. On Monday, the nonprofit news organization ProPublica published a report stating that Facebook had intentionally disabled its ability to monitor political advertising on the platform — which doesn’t exactly sound like the transparency Mark Zuckerberg promised.  SEE ALSO: Facebook is pushing ‘transparency’...CONTINUE READING

The murder of a Bulgarian journalist shows not only the dangers of the profession, but of being a woman

It’s a dangerous time to be a journalist and even more so if you’re a woman. The murder of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova is the latest example of that horrifying fact. SEE ALSO: Women Warriors: A global movement against online misogyny Marinova, the administrative director of a local TV station, was beaten, raped, and found...CONTINUE READING

Facebook has locked down its platform. Why that’s bad news for researchers.

File this under “lose-lose” for Facebook. A group of high-profile researchers and journalists sent a formal request to social media giant to amend its Terms of Service in order to enable studies of Facebook that promote the public good. But either way Facebook responds could put the company in a tight spot. The Knight First...CONTINUE READING

Instagram comments reveal new LA Weekly owner’s right-wing agenda in action

Across the country over the past year, corporations have gobbled up prominent alt-weekly and local publications, only to either tear them down to the studs, or totally destroy them.  In Los Angeles, former LA Weekly staffers think that a mysterious shell company went a step further. The staffers theorize that it purchased the traditionally liberal...CONTINUE READING

Google Doodle celebrates first female war photojournalist to report from the frontline

You might not be altogether familiar with the face on today’s Google Doodle. But, you should be.  SEE ALSO: Google pays tribute to suffragist with stunning Doodle Gerda Taro, who’s depicted in the doodle, is considered to be the first female journalist to report from the frontline. She was a fearless pioneer who tragically died...CONTINUE READING

The ‘big story coming’ tweets need to end

There are tweets that warm the heart, and those that rip it out. Twitter anthropologists have inventoried dozens of inferior tweet formats. Some of the lowliest genres include: Eric Garland tweets, tweets that pull the “You’re, not your” defense, and threaded tweets about the Mueller investigation written by the dude-splaining randos of the internet. Near...CONTINUE READING

Sports journalists in Brazil have had it with sexual harassment on the job

Getting sexually harassed while trying to do their job is nothing uncommon for sports journalists in Brazil. This is why 52 women launched an awareness campaign to put an end to it. Through the #DeixaElaTrabalhar campaign, which translates to #LetHerWork, they’re calling for the respect they deserve. Read more…More about Sports, Soccer, Mashable Video, Journalism,...CONTINUE READING

Why ‘The Post’ is too relevant to NOT win Best Picture

Special guest Dave Schilling (@dave_schilling) and Michael Truly (@michael_truly) go toe to toe over The Post. Will the Academy recognize the Streep-Hanks-Spielberg Holy Trinity?! Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content Read more…More about Mashable Video, Journalism, Oscars, Tom Hanks, and Awards html template by responsive html template mobile
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