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Keurig single-serve espresso and latte maker is $20 off at Walmart

Graduation season is upon us, and whether the grads in your life are coming out of high school or college, you really can’t go wrong with getting them a new coffee maker. As new grads gear up to live in a dorm or find a new apartment, a single-serve coffee machine is a must-have.  The...CONTINUE READING

Keurig makes espresso fast and painless — ranking one in every of their vintage fashions for $10 off

Not everyone has a schedule that allows them to brew their coffee in a Chemex: Sometimes, you just need to be able to push a button and get a move on — and you can do exactly that with a Keurig coffee maker. The Keurig K-Classic is currently on sale for $79.99 on Amazon, which...CONTINUE READING

Keurig Okay-Cup Pod Coffeemakers are on sale for $40 off at Walmart

Waking up to a fresh and hot cup of coffee is an unbelievable feeling because you know that you’re starting off your day on the right foot. But if you have to make that first cup of joe on your own, it’s not going to look pretty if you’re groggy and half-asleep yourself. The Keurig...CONTINUE READING

TurboTax and H&R Block tax device, MacBook Air, Cuisinart cookware, Keurig, and extra on sale for Mar. 13

It only takes one tweet to turn things around. Just ask this donut shop owner’s son, who tweeted about his family’s failing small business. After a few days, this tweet went viral and now business is booming for Billy’s Donuts in Missouri City, Texas. Hopefully, this family has their business taxes in order after such...CONTINUE READING

Walmart has a super Keurig single-serve coffeemaker on sale for $40 off

There’s nothing like starting your day with a good and strong cup of joe. However, sometimes it’s just too time consuming to measure out coffee beans, grind them, measure out water, and then brew. Why anxiously wait for your morning fix? The Keurig K525 single-serve K-Cup Pod coffeemaker can brew your coffee with just a...CONTINUE READING

Xbox One X, PlayStation Vintage, Immediate Pot, Keurig, Vitamix blenders, Hearth HD 8, and extra on sale for Feb. 27

Happy Pokémon Day! Have you watched the new Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer? It’s hard to believe that someone made a live-action Pokémon movie that actually looks pretty good. Hopefully, the film is just as good as the trailers suggests, but we’ll find out on May 10 when it’s released in theaters.  It’s interesting to think...CONTINUE READING

Speedy Pot, Beats, Keurig, Dyson vacuums, Sonos, Amazon Hearth HD 8, and extra on sale for Feb. 25

Did you check out last night’s Academy Awards ceremony? The best and brightest from Hollywood were honored, with Green Book, The Favourite, and Black Panther taking home little gold statues. While Hollywood rewarded the best, we are rewarding you with the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. You might not get an...CONTINUE READING
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Vitamix blenders, Google House Hub, Fast Pot, KitchenAid, Keurig, Amazon Fireplace HD 8, and extra on sale for Feb. 20

Don’t be like this adorable dog trying to re-claim its bed. Jump on these deals early, save big, and never let a stubborn cat push you around and take what’s yours. We found the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s on smart home devices from Nest, Google, and more, kitchen appliances from...CONTINUE READING

Casper mattresses, Immediate Pot, MacBook Air, Beats, Keurig, Hearth Stick TV 4K, and extra on sale for Feb. 18

Did you know that we’re all using our “second screens” wrong? It seems that most of us aren’t using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop.  This is something to consider when shopping online for Presidents Day. We rounded up the best deals on all sorts...CONTINUE READING