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Super Soaker who? The next generation of water guns is here on Kickstarter.

Historically, water guns were small and simple, with a measly reservoir for ammunition. But in 1982, U.S. Air Force and NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson invented a new generation of water gun by combining an empty soda bottle, PVC pipe, and acrylic glass. After its release in 1990, the Super Soaker became one of the most...CONTINUE READING

Jumper Threads claims their peppermint underwear will keep you fresh all day

Sometimes staying fresh is not so easy. During the summer days when it’s so hot and sticky outside that you automatically regret leaving your nicely air conditioned home, it’s common for your undergarments to become fused to your body.  A clothing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio called JUMPER Threads has developed a new type of...CONTINUE READING

Quit single-use plastic for good with this collapsible water bottle that shrinks to fit in your pocket

Giving up single-use plastic products like straws and water bottles is an admirable feat, and probably something that a lot more people would do if it was more convenient. As it turns out, it just might be thanks to the Kickstarter project HYDAWAY. HYDAWAY is a collapsible water bottle which has been upgraded from its...CONTINUE READING

Take your cooking completely off the grid with this portable, solar-electric oven on Kickstarter

There’s a new prototype on the Kickstarter campaign trail that’s designed to fill your belly in a convenient, energy-efficient way — while going completely off the grid. The GoSun Fusion is a portable hybrid solar and electric oven that can cook family-sized meals with the help of — you guess it — the sun.  The...CONTINUE READING

Get these 3 startup-friendly marketing apps for less than $40 right now

David Ogilvy, also known as the father of advertising, once said, “In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.” He’s probably right. You don’t get the title “father of advertising” for nothing, right? SEE ALSO: Learn to read faster and...CONTINUE READING

Move over fidget spinners, there’s a new toy in town and it’s already breaking Guinness World Records

Ever wish you had a little trick up your sleeve so you could impress people wherever you are? Looking to recreate that “wow” reaction you remember from when you were a kid and your elderly relative magically pulled a quarter out from behind your ear?  Well there’s a Kickstarter prototype called LIMBO that’s aiming to...CONTINUE READING

Grow microgreens at home with Kickstarter campaign the EcoQube Sprout

EcoQube from Aqua Design Innovations (ADI) is adding a new product to their already impressive lineup of self-sustaining and very low maintenance aquaponic aquariums and aquatic ecosystems. This time around the company is putting out the EcoQube Sprout, seeking funding on Kickstarter for the modular and stackable micro-garden that nutritious micro-veggies and microgreens in your...CONTINUE READING

Can we all agree that this Kickstarter for an alarm clock that wakes you up by smell is awesome? Good.

Sometimes, waking up is just the worst.  You’re in the middle of a nice and relaxing dream and then “bam!,” your pleasant rest is abruptly interrupted with the loud and piercing sounds of your alarm clock. It’s a terrifying way to start your day like that. However, one tech company wants waking up to be...CONTINUE READING

The Kickstarter campaign for this smart security camera by Eufy was funded in just two days

FACT: Everyone hates getting robbed.  But what are you doing to prevent it from happening to you and your family? If you aren’t one of the 35 million Americans who has a home security system set-up, chances are, you aren’t doing enough.  SEE ALSO: Best cameras for vlogging: Which features matter most and how to...CONTINUE READING
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