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Teaching kids to be tech whizzes as early as elementary school

Ad Content from Amazon Today, technology receives more than just a casual mention in most parenting handbooks and mommy blogs. Parents of elementary school-age kids are in a particularly befuddling spot as their kids begin dabbling in digital devices both at school and at home. In some cases, parents report that their kids know how...CONTINUE READING

This girl realizing we don’t ‘live inside the earth’ is better than most reality TV

Before we begin, we’d like to clarify that we do not live “inside the earth.” We live on the surface of the earth. Should we have to spell this out? Probably not, but better safe than sorry. On Wednesday, Twitter user @LoveMahalHappy tweeted a video of her sister realizing that, in fact, we do not...CONTINUE READING

Unleash a dazzling world of color with Crayola Create and Play

Over the past few years, Crayola has been pairing traditional creative experiences with digital apps. Now, the handicraft company is launching a new initiative that brings a bit of the real creative world into the digital one, melding the look and feel of traditional crayons with modern applications.  Create and Play is a subscription app...CONTINUE READING
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11 apps to help find reliable childcare

Summertime freedom for kids can mean an extra scheduling burden on parents who are juggling work and home life.  Especially when parents don’t have predictable schedules, their kids’ summer activities can alter an already chaotic flow. Fortunately, numerous childcare apps and websites can help solve your babysitting needs. SEE ALSO: 10 kids toys that make...CONTINUE READING

Candidate’s 5-year-old son captures every voter’s heart by lying down on the tarmac

One the eve of the midterm elections, even the kids are on edge. Photojournalist Jake Crandall captured the son of Alabama’s democratic gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox lying down on the tarmac after arriving with his family in Montgomery on Monday. Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox arrives in Montgomery with his family, his son, Eli, 5,...CONTINUE READING

Prince Harry comforts child whose mum passed away with words of encouragement

Well, congrats to Prince Harry for making us all cry at our desks this morning.  He had a conversation with a 6-year-old boy in Auckland, New Zealand, who lost his mum when he was one year old and offered up some comforting and inspiring words.  Prince Harry was just 12 years old when his mother,...CONTINUE READING
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