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Celebrities are finally getting in on the ‘it me’ joke

It should not be a surprise that celebrities know you’re tweeting about them.  Lately, though, they’ve really been showing it. This summer, Laura Dern, Angela Kinsey, and Kim Kardashian have all responded to tweets about themselves with a particular self-awareness that’s gotten lots of attention.  SEE ALSO: The best tweets of 2018 so far Each...CONTINUE READING

Why ‘The Tale’ is the movie everyone is talking about

Jennifer Fox’s The Tale didn’t get the fanfare of a traditional movie premiere, and a quick look at the trailer explains whyThe Tale is the true story of Fox herself coming to terms with her sexual assault as a 13-year-old. It’s heartbreaking, disturbing, and often difficult to watch – all of which makes it essential....CONTINUE READING

‘Big Little Lies’ cast tease the first shots of Season 2 on Instagram

Big Little Lies Season 2 is well and truly and underway. SEE ALSO: Meryl Streep is joining the cast of ‘Big Little Lies’ To mark the beginning of filming for the US drama’s next outing, Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern shared the following on-set photo on Monday. Madeline and Renata are back. #BLL2 A post...CONTINUE READING

‘Last Jedi’ star Laura Dern loves to pew, pew, too

What’s the hardest thing a Star Wars actor must endure? Is it the pressure of starring in the highest-grossing film series of all time? Is it all that grueling stuntwork? Nope. It’s getting through a scene without making the noises “pew pew!” (if you’re handling a blaster) or “zhhjummmm!” (when wielding a lightsaber). SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Laura Dern confirms this dog looks a lot like Laura Dern

We mean this with the upmost respect, but this dog looks a lot like the wonderful actor Laura Dern.  SEE ALSO: A side-by-side comparison of the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Homemade Trailer A post shared by Kimchee The Maltipoo (@kimcheethemaltipoo) on Jan 19, 2018 at 10:00am PST The resemblance between Dern and Kimchee the...CONTINUE READING

Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram exchange is like a scene out of ‘Big Little Lies’

Sometimes, just sometimes, life imitates art.  That’s precisely what happened when Laura Dern posted a lovely #WomanCrushWednesday Instagram about her Last Jedi co-star Kelly Marie Tran. And, one of Dern’s Big Little Lies co-stars had something to say—something that sounded like a line straight out of the show.  SEE ALSO: Laura Dern hanging with BB-8...CONTINUE READING

Laura Dern and BB-8 from Star Wars have become BFFs and we’re not worthy

We all agree that Laura Dern is a national treasure that should be protected at all costs.  SEE ALSO: The Force might not be able to stop your phone from shattering, but these Star Wars Otterbox cases can But what happens when the legendary actress in our universe meets a legendary (and incredibly cute) creature...CONTINUE READING

‘The Last Jedi’ will explore how female bosses are treated in the workplace

From her photos, we already knew Laura Dern’s new character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Resistance Vice-Admiral Amilyn Holdo, was unusual for the franchise. In her well-coiffed violet hair and elegant matching gown, she’s unlike anyone the galaxy far, far away has shown us before. But now we know her story arc will, like...CONTINUE READING

Laura Dern would like everyone to remember that she is in the new ‘Star Wars’, thank you very much

The Last Jedi brings Laura Dern into the Star Wars universe – but you wouldn’t know it from the trailers, which have largely overlooked her character. So Dern is taking matters into her own hands. (With the studio’s approval, of course.) SEE ALSO: A ‘Star Wars’ fan in Congress wants us to know that porgs...CONTINUE READING
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