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AT&T, Verizon, Dash, and T-Cell hit with lawsuit for promoting location knowledge

The four major wireless telecommunication companies in the U.S. have just been hit with massive class action lawsuit. The suit claims that AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all violated customers’ privacy by sharing their data to third party brokers. In turn, these brokers would then sell the data to bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, debt collectors,...CONTINUE READING

Fb is suing an Instagram ‘apply farm’ for inauthentic habits

As the lawsuits and inquiries stack up against Facebook, the beset tech giant is taking some legal action of its own. Facebook announced Thursday in a blog post that it’s suing a New Zealand company that sells Instagram likes, followers, and views. The lawsuit, against a company colloquially known as a “likes farm,” is part...CONTINUE READING

What to find out about Apple’s prison combat with Qualcomm

Cue the Tom Petty, because nobody’s backing down in the Apple vs. Qualcomm legal battle. On Tuesday, opening arguments from Apple and Qualcomm will begin in a federal court in San DiegoApple is suing Qualcomm for what it alleges are anti-competitive practices. Qualcomm says Apple needs to pay for its IP, without which the iPhone...CONTINUE READING

U.S. govt slams Fb with housing discrimination fees

Hyper-specific ad targeting must have sounded like a really great idea at the time, huh? Now, Facebook is paying the price. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) filed charges against Facebook for housing discrimination on Thursday. First reported by The Verge, the charges allege that Facebook‘s advertising tools violate the Fair Housing...CONTINUE READING

A person threatened to sue {a magazine} for the use of his image to turn a generic hipster. Nevertheless it wasn’t him.

Before threatening a lawsuit over the use of your image you should probably check to make sure the picture is actually of you — especially if you’re a hipster. MIT Technology Review recently covered a study that looked into the “hipster effect.” According to the site’s editor-in-chief Gideon Lichfield, they immediately received an email after...CONTINUE READING

Blackberry accuses Twitter of illegally the usage of message generation in lawsuit

Blackberry will see Twitter in court. On Wednesday, former mobile phone giant BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against Twitter accusing the social media company of patent infringement. BlackBerry claims that Twitter is illegally using mobile messaging technology that the company created. In its lawsuit, BlackBerry refers to Twitter as “a relative latecomer to the mobile messaging...CONTINUE READING

Netflix faces lawsuit over ‘Black Replicate’ and ‘Make a choice Your Personal Journey’

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is on the receiving end of a lawsuit from the owners of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Chooseco, LLC trademarked “Choose Your Own Adventure” in the 1980s and has sold hundreds of millions of books using the branding ever since. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chooseco reported that Netflix sought to acquire...CONTINUE READING

Fb is making an attempt to defang a robust legislation on facial popularity

We already know Facebook will do pretty much whatever it wants with your data, but a lawsuit shows the lengths it will go to in defending that approach. On Monday, the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Center for Democracy & Technology, and Illinois Public Interest Research Group, filed what’s known as a “friend of the...CONTINUE READING
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