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The DNC just served Wikileaks with a lawsuit over Twitter

Wikileaks just got served with a tweet. On Friday, the law firm representing the Democratic National Committee served Wikileaks with a single tweet, linking to a number of legal documents related to its lawsuit against the organization founded by Julian Assange. @wikileaks By Court order, you are being served with the following legal documents: https://t.co/ICg8qWnsUy,...CONTINUE READING

The call to break up Facebook’s ‘monopoly’ is getting louder

Facebook may have grown to a point where it’s too big for its own good. Or anybody’s, for that matter. The largest U.S. media and communications labor union, Communications Workers of America, is adding fuel to that point of view. It’s just joined the Freedom from Facebook Coalition, which is petitioning the Federal Trade Commission...CONTINUE READING

Judge tosses out climate suit against big oil, but it’s not the end for these kinds of cases

A federal judge just tossed out a lawsuit brought against the world’s largest oil companies for selling fuels they knew would boost sea levels and disrupt the global climate. This decision, on its surface, is a victory for big oil. But the fight against these huge companies and their roles in causing climate change is...CONTINUE READING

Supreme Court rules police need a warrant to access a suspects’ cellphone location data

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 today that police cannot freely access people’s cellphone location data, regardless if they are suspected for a crime. Police have always needed court-approved warrants before searching people’s phones (due to the search and seizure protections under the Fourth Amendment), but they routinely breeched that protocol by accessing data from wireless...CONTINUE READING

Elon Musk gets into it with former Tesla employee he sued for alleged data hacking

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been quieter than usual on Twitter for the past day — maybe because he’s too busy emailing a former employee he called out for “sabotage” and proceeded to sue for stealing trade secrets and data about the electric car company. The Washington Post obtained an email exchange between Musk and...CONTINUE READING

A woman sued NASA to keep a vial of moon dust. But is it really from the moon?

Bouncing across the moon’s bleak, gray surface, 12 astronauts gathered hundreds of pounds of moon rock between 1969 and 1972.  Sometimes, they lifted blocks as heavy as 25 pounds (in Earth weight) off the lunar surface. Other times, they raked the lunar floor to collect fine, meteorite-smashed soil. In total, NASA flew 842 pounds of...CONTINUE READING
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Apple wins $539 million in damages in patent battle with Samsung

Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple Inc. $539 million in damages, following a seven-year clash over patents which ended in a retrial. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple sought $1 billion in the retrial, an amount it was awarded back in 2012 over several patent infringements relating to the iPhone.  SEE ALSO: Apple’s latest defense...CONTINUE READING

Angry MacBook users file class action lawsuit against Apple over defective keyboards

Apple’s silence over issues related to its allegedly flawed MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards just got a whole lot more deafening. On Friday, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple in the Northern District Court of California over the defective keyboards, according to AppleInsider. SEE ALSO: Apple will replace batteries on some MacBook Pros...CONTINUE READING

Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein in lawsuit tied to ‘Lord of the Rings’

Ashley Judd is taking Harvey Weinstein to court, and she intends for any judgments in her favor to benefit the Time’s Up movement. Judd filed her suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, as she confirmed on Twitter. She’s seeking damages for defamation, sexual harassment, and violations of California business laws governing unfair...CONTINUE READING

Stormy Daniels is suing Trump for defamation over a tweet

Donald Trump’s Twitter account has, once again, gotten him in some hot water, which should shock absolutely no one.   Trump is facing another Twitter-related lawsuit, but this time it’s for defamation and — in a twist that only the best screenwriter could whip up — the plaintiff is adult film star Stormy Daniels (whose...CONTINUE READING
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