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Elon Musk desires cave rescuer’s defamation swimsuit disregarded

In a fitting end to a year of questionable tweets, Elon Musk is asking the courts to drop a defamation suit filed against him after insulting a British cave diver on Twitter this summer. A motion to dismiss the case was filed Wednesday to the U.S. District Court in California’s Central District where Vernon Unsworth,...CONTINUE READING

A 69-year-old ‘positivity guru’ wants to legally change his age to 49

“Positivity guru” and occasional DJ Emile Ratelband is 69 years old, but he believes he’s only 49.  Describing himself as a “young god,” Ratelband asked the Dutch courts to legally change his age on Monday to improve his quality of life. He insists that he’s discriminated against by jobs and dating apps because on paper,...CONTINUE READING

Facebook was kicked out of Cambridge Analytica’s office while trying to ‘secure evidence’

The Cambridge Analytica saga has taken yet another dramatic and frankly alarming turn.  Facebook sent a “digital forensics team” into Cambridge Analytica’s (CA) London office on Monday evening in an attempt to “secure evidence,” only to be kicked out following a “dramatic intervention” by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data regulator.  Following its...CONTINUE READING

Meet the woman behind the ‘inclusion rider’ that Frances McDormand name-dropped during the Oscars

When Frances McDormand told the audience of the 90th Academy Awards that she had two words for them, close to no one would have predicted those words were “inclusion rider.” McDormand immediately got the industry and internet buzzing with this legal term for how people in Hollywood can ensure the inclusion of underrepresented groups while...CONTINUE READING

Hey law students: Want a job? Well, you better learn to code.

So you got into law school? Congratulations, it’s time to start thinking like an engineer. Universities around the world are introducing classes that train students in the use of legal software, assisting with anything from contract creation to legal research. But are students simply training the algorithms that will take their jobs? It’s increasingly clear...CONTINUE READING
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Like Kickstarter, but for legal cases

CrowdJustice took on Brexit. Now the Kickstarter-like site is bringing its legal crowdfunding model to the United States. SEE ALSO: Dude tries to crowdfund a $15,000 engagement ring. Internet says, ‘Nope!’ The platform for public interest litigation covers legal costs through online donations. The challenge to Article 50 campaign, taking on Brexit, raised nearly $200,000...CONTINUE READING
Category:Crowdfunding, Legal

Mischa Barton is the latest celebrity to become a victim of revenge porn

You might have seen a story going around celebrity gossip sites over the past couple days suggesting that Mischa Barton is “shopping around” a “sex tape,” but her lawyer stepped in to set the record straight.  “Ms. Barton does not consent to any disclosure of any such images,” reads a statement from Lisa Bloom. “She...CONTINUE READING

Google, Microsoft, Facebook receive notice from Indian court over illegal activities

Silicon Valley giants have found themselves in legal hot water in India.   India’s top court has expressed concern over illegal activities and cyber abuse that occur on Facebook as well as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines.  SEE ALSO: Indian court asks YouTube to share user’s IP address, identity in defamation case The Supreme...CONTINUE READING
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