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Meet the 10-year-old drag kid shaping the future of drag youth

10-year-old drag superstar ‘Desmond Is Amazing’ is in fact, amazing. The New York City drag kid is inspiring others left and right with his positive attitude to ‘be yourself always no matter what anyone says’. At only 10 years old, Desmond has immersed himself with a handful of LGBTQ youth advocacy projects and is making...CONTINUE READING

This ‘gender-free’ clothing store has fashion for anyone

‘The Phluid Project’ is New York’s first ‘gender-free’ clothing store, coffee shop, and community space that is checking gender norms at the door. The space was created as an effort to push the boundaries of what people are comfortable wearing, and to create an inclusive space that rejects the binary of traditional retail.  Read more…More...CONTINUE READING

The cast of ‘Love, Simon’ talks coming out and clapping back at bullies

Love, Simon is a story about a closeted teen in high school falling in love through online correspondence and is the next great coming-of-age film. The cast, including Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, and Alexandra Shipp, sat down with director Greg Berlanti to share advice on coming out and standing up to bullies. Read more…More about...CONTINUE READING

The history of Pride

June is LGBTQ Pride month, and cities all over the world are celebrating their true colors with fabulous marches and parades. However, many people forget that Pride’s inception is directly associated with political unrest and violence against LGBTQ people. The history of Pride is riddled with tension and activism. Read more…More about Political, Mashable Video,...CONTINUE READING

Anti-homophobia ad shows why people should stop using the word “gay” as an expletive

“If it’s not gay, it’s not gay.” The colloquially negative use of the word “gay” is getting a roasting in the first national ad campaign. “We chose to address something small that contributes to much larger issues — homophobia, biphobia and transphobia,” the group posted on Facebook on Monday. SEE ALSO: Australians continue tradition of...CONTINUE READING
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‘Splatoon 2’ players drown out haters with a flood of LGBT pride

Over the weekend, Splatoon 2’s Inkopolis started looking like the video game equivalent of an LGBT pride parade, and it’s absolutely glorious. In the central virtual square for the game, the love was apparent to anyone who launched Splatoon 2 and looked around at other players’ posts. SEE ALSO: Flight or invisibility? The next ‘Splatoon...CONTINUE READING
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Every single Philippines representative votes against LGBTQ discrimination, in a huge win for equality

It’s rare when every legislator in congress agrees on one thing, but the Philippines is clearly united behind one cause. On Wednesday, congress approved a bill that aims to protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination. Lawmakers voted 197-0 in favour of the bill, marking a landslide win for equality in the country. SEE ALSO: #TheyGetToVote:...CONTINUE READING
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