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Internet stands up for trans kids as Trump rolls back protections

In a significant setback, the Trump administration rescinded federal guidelines that give transgender students the right to use public school restrooms that match their gender identity. According to the Washington Post, officials from the Department of Justice and the Department of Education told the U.S. Supreme Court to “disregard memos” on transgender student rights.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Some LGBTQ+ videos are being filtered on YouTube and vloggers want answers

Several popular LGBTQ+ YouTube vloggers have claimed that YouTube is using the site’s “restricted mode” to hide some of their videos, according to Gizmodo. The restricted mode for YouTube, according to Google, enables users to filter out “potentially objectionable content,” leading some LGBTQ+ vloggers to accuse YouTube of implicitly categorizing their material as not “family-friendly.”...CONTINUE READING

There’s a hidden vibrator in ‘Tacoma’ and here’s why that’s important

The creators behind the 2013 hit Gone Home left an unmentionable for players to discover in their latest and newly released indie darling. Set on a space station, Fullbright’s Tacoma grounds its extraterrestrial backdrop in the personal stories of its passengers. Unlike so many other space games (like the recent Prey, for example), the the...CONTINUE READING

Their loss: Gay-owned cafe addresses ignorant customers in Facebook post

Even in this day and age, café owners are can lose customers simply because of their sexuality. That’s what happened to Jay Horne, who’s the co-owner of the Paradiso Cafe in Cairns, Australia. Horne heard former “regulars” of his cafe say they would not come back because he and his staff are gay. Addressing the...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s search tool is blocking photo searches of #bisexual, but not #lesbian or #gay

Twitter has a lot of explaining to do.  The social media platform is under scrutiny after several accounts noticed the search tool had begun to bar photos (as well as videos and news) tagged with the #bisexual hashtag — and others.  SEE ALSO: Why Twitter‘s 30 million bots are here to stay Today @Twitter @TwitterSupport...CONTINUE READING

Japanese beer giant is recognising employees’ same-sex marriages, even though Japan doesn’t

Japanese beverage company Kirin has gotten a lot more inclusive. The second-largest beer producer in the country is one of the latest companies announcing a change in diversity guidelines to include LGBTQ employees. The guideline change came into effect on July 1, and will grant marriage benefits to employees with same-sex and common-law marriages, according...CONTINUE READING

<div>TV has the most LGBTQ characters in its history — but keeps killing off its queer women</div>

GLAAD’s report on LGBTQ representation in television, released Thursday, initially looked like a cause for celebration. The organization, which has been examining this data for more than 20 years, came out with some surprising data tailor-made for a happy headline: there were more LGBTQ characters on television than ever before. And while that achievement was...CONTINUE READING
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