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GLAAD reports a record-shattering year for LGBTQ people on TV

Between the transgender military ban and an HHS memo seeking to define “transgender out of existence,” it’s been a painful, difficult year for the LGBTQ community. There are nonetheless brighter signs — and in a medium everyone loves to hate — television. A new GLAAD report analyzing LGBTQ representation in television finds a “record high...CONTINUE READING

Cate Blanchett defends straight actors playing LGBTQ roles

Hollywood has a long history of straight actors playing LGBTQ roles, and it’s something Cate Blanchett has defended. The Australian actress played a lesbian woman in 2015 film Carol, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, she had never been asked about her sexuality until she played an LGBTQ character.  SEE ALSO: How LGBTQ people are...CONTINUE READING

Two ‘Bachelor: Vietnam’ contestants who fell in love on the show are now a couple

When two contestants on The Bachelor: Vietnam fell in love and wanted to run away from the show together last month, there wasn’t really a happily ever after — one contestant returned to the show. But maybe now, they’ve found it. SEE ALSO: Gender stereotypes are still alive and well in the online dating world,...CONTINUE READING

Gender-fluid clothing is revolutionary – if only it were more affordable.

A shopping trip to a mainstream clothing store is usually a fun and relaxing way to spend a day out. But for people like Tatyana Bellamy-Walker, who is gender fluid, a “normal” shopping spree can turn into a total nightmare.  “Sometimes it feels like you’re put in a dangerous position,” Walker said. “It feels like...CONTINUE READING

LGBTQ gamers are rejoicing about the pride flags in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

Your LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has just landed some major points with the queer community. In the recently released video game Marvel’s Spider-Man, the player gets to swing Peter Parker around modern-day New York City using his super sticky web. It’s during these free roaming sessions where the player might encounter an LGBTQ easter egg in...CONTINUE READING

OkCupid now has a dedicated space for preferred pronouns

Personal pronouns are important as they play a vital part in acknowledging and respecting people‘s right to identify however they choose.  That’s why it’s a huge step in the right direction that dating app OkCupid now allows users to display their pronouns prominently in a dedicated space on their profiles.  SEE ALSO: If you’re cracking...CONTINUE READING

Scenes of joy as India finally decriminalises gay sex

In a landmark decision for LGBTQ rights and the community in India, the country’s highest court has decriminalised gay sex. Five Supreme Court judges struck down the colonial-era Section 377 on Thursday, a ban on gay sex that was rarely applied to consenting adults, but used to stigmatise the LGBTQ community. SEE ALSO: Same-sex couple...CONTINUE READING

Asking people to Google their questions about the LGBTQ community is appealing — but risky

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community, chances are you’ve been asked the same questions over and over. Did someone or something make you gay? What does transgender even mean? Why do there have to be so many pronouns? It’s exhausting, especially because most people’s knowledge of the LGBTQ community is limited to what...CONTINUE READING
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