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5 YouTube workouts you’ll actually want to do

For the unseasoned athlete, YouTube workouts can be pretty difficult. For some people (hello), they can also feel deeply embarrassing. To be clear, we’re not knocking the power of the high-energy, Blogilates-type workout vid — those can be extremely motivational for someone who wants to dial up to 11. But if you’re looking for something...CONTINUE READING

People think this ad for pink kitchen gadgets is sexist

A kitchen gadget company has been accused of sexism after posting an advert on its website for a range of pink appliances aimed at women.  SEE ALSO: Commuters call out ‘sexist’ ad, brand brings on the extreme sarcasm The ad featured the words “KitchenAid for Women” alongside the pink products, which were part of a...CONTINUE READING

Oxford University is shaking up all those portraits of white men on its walls

Oxford University is putting up more portraits of women, people of colour and LGBTQ people to better reflect its “diversity”.  SEE ALSO: This city has no monuments to women so an artist did a colourful shake-up The “Diversifying Portraiture initiative” intends to “broaden the range of people represented around the University.” According to a statement,...CONTINUE READING

Congrats, grad: here’s how to keep your graduation cap from falling off your head

Graduation caps, or “mortarboards,” are annoying to wear and objectively weird looking. But they’re even more annoying when they’re constantly falling off your head. If you have to wear one, though (okay, they’re a symbol of your hard work and education, so we guess it’s kind of cool), here’s how to keep it on your...CONTINUE READING

9 burning questions cleared up by BBC Dad's statement

Step away from your “BBC Dad” thinkpiece.  SEE ALSO: Watch these kids recreate that wild ‘BBC dad’ interview The dad himself, Robert Kelly, posted on his personal blog Wednesday and cleared up any lingering confusion, questions, doubts or conspiracy theories from the viral video interview from last week. Kelly wrote that his family can’t handle...CONTINUE READING

'Glitter booty' is the latest bizarre beauty trend you've secretly always wanted

Glitter is all the rage. We’ve seen beards, roots, eyebrows and even armpits transformed into sparkly creations thanks to a series of glitter trends.  SEE ALSO: ‘Glitter pits’ don’t just embrace your body, they celebrate it But, the latest glitter trend involves rubbing glitter all over your derrière. Right… A post shared by Mia Kennington...CONTINUE READING