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That weird neck hammock is back on sale for less than $40

If you’ve ever had chronic neck pain, you know it’s so much worse than a fleeting frustration or small nuisance. It can cause bad headaches and even be a symptom of something more serious.  And the only thing that seems to (temporarily) help is popping some ibuprofen. SEE ALSO: Bose’s sleepbuds have one job: killing noise...CONTINUE READING

These are the self-improvement journals you’ll actually use

Productivity and self-improvement apps are basically shoved down your throat the minute you open the app store, but for a lot of people, nothing beats good ‘ol pen and paper. If you’re the analog type and find writing more cathartic and therapeutic than typing, you may want to opt for journals instead of apps for...CONTINUE READING

Save up to 30% on Calphalon cookware during Amazon Prime Day

If you’re in the market for pots and pans, you know that stuff gets expensive. Luckily, Prime Day rolled in these deals on Calphalon cookware that’ll save you up to 30% on their best pots and pans. SEE ALSO: This Hoover upright vacuum is on sale for less than $100 for Amazon Prime Day These...CONTINUE READING

Amazon has NECTAR mattresses (all sizes) on sale for upwards of $300 off

For those of you who were asleep for all of the great Fourth of July mattress sales this year, we’ve got good news: It’s not too late to score an awesome deal on NECTAR mattresses, courtesy of good ol’ Amazon.  Right now, you can save up to 36% (AKA over $300) on a NECTAR mattress,...CONTINUE READING

The best knife sharpeners to give your tools an edge

The importance of a sharp knife blade seems obvious. Anyone who’s ever attempted to cut through a tomato with a dull knife knows it’s almost impossible when compared to using a knife with a razor-sharp edge.  Knives have a shelf-life, just like any other household appliance, so even the most high-quality knives lose their edge...CONTINUE READING

Take a nap on these $36 sheets and get a break from *waves hand* everything

If you’re feeling worn down by the dumpster fire that was the last week of June 2018, upgrading your bedding could be just what you need. Seriously. You can’t check Twitter while you’re asleep, after all. SEE ALSO: Travel accessories to give you that first class feeling There are plenty of stores and direct-to-consumer companies...CONTINUE READING

Use Amazon Alexa to control this misting diffuser that’s on sale

Between the whiff of the pizza slices you microwave every night, the baby’s diapers piling up in the garbage, and the stench of your four-legged roommate, your house plays host to a variety of smells that are less than ideal. While you can quickly remedy the stink by baking a fresh batch of cookies or...CONTINUE READING

Save more than $30 on a 3-in-1 travel pillow that can handle just about anything

Sure, flying to different places allows you to immerse yourself in an assortment of cultures, but here’s the kicker: the actual act of traveling —you know, spending hours on planes, trains, and buses — is an experience that is painfully uncomfortable, and generally unpleasant.  Unless you have tons of money to spend on first class...CONTINUE READING

Fourth of July mattress deals are here to help you sleep a little easier

Every year on the Fourth of July, America celebrates its independence with annual traditions like barbecues, picnics, fireworks — and mattress sales. That’s great news, because after a long day of barbecuing in the sun and staying up late scrolling through the hellhole that is Twitter watching fireworks, crawling into bed is the only thing...CONTINUE READING
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