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Grasp your leather-based jacket: The TomTom Rider 550 bike GPS is over $100 off on Amazon

Mid-March is the time when everyone is itching to break out their warm-weather whip — whether that’s a motorcycle, boat, or the same car they always drive, but with the windows down. Today, bikers get a gift that can up their cruising possibilities: TomTom’s motorcycle-exclusive GPS, the TomTom Rider 550, is $106 off on Amazon.  (Always...CONTINUE READING

Save $30 in this professional-grade straightener at Walmart

Straightening long, thick, or curly hair can feel like it takes ages if you don’t have a professional-grade flat iron. But a stylist-approved iron doesn’t often come cheap and you can end up dropping a couple hundred bucks on a straightener that will actually do as it promises. Before you take out a small loan...CONTINUE READING

Store 6 types of weighted blankets on sale this week

Weighted blankets are the sleep aid you never knew you needed. They’re those things that make you believe in love at first try, and you’ll immediately wonder how you ever lived without them. Weighted blankets have enjoyed mainstream popularity in recent years, and are now being celebrated by people who experience sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety...CONTINUE READING

Purchase a Red bed and get some sheets free of charge

Mattresses in a box have exploded in popularity in the past few years. They give you the fresh feeling of a new bed without the hassle of getting it home from the storePurple is one of these boxed bedding companies, but their mattresses stand out — rather than foam or springs, Purple uses Smart Comfort...CONTINUE READING

Save $46 in this set of wine glasses that would possibly not knock over

Imagine finally finding the time to unwind after weeks of soul-crushing work. You uncork that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving, and park yourself in front of Netflix. But after your second glass, your inner klutz accidentally spills the precious vino all over your white couch. Oops. Avoid a similar situation from happening with...CONTINUE READING

Get a cordless shiatsu massager for lower than $2 whilst you purchase this fancy foot massager

After a long day at work a massage can sound like the nicest thing in the world. Getting a professional massage every day, though, is likely not sustainable financially. Here’s an alternative: Mynt’s premium foot massager and cordless shiatsu massager. Through March 16, when you buy the premium foot massager at full price ($199.99), you...CONTINUE READING

Those Nespresso coffee makers are simply $276, saving you $314 at Walmart

Wake up with style and luxury with the Nespresso Espresso Maker by KitchenAid. This coffeemaker combines the coffee expertise of Nespresso with the high-end design and technology of KitchenAid. It’s now on sale for $275.88, or a whopping $314.11 off its list price at Walmart. Normally going for $589.99, the Nespresso Espresso Maker by KitchenAid...CONTINUE READING

LELO has intercourse toys on sale for as much as $50 off in honor of World Ladies’s Day

March 8 is officially International Women’s Day, but we’re here with a PSA that every damn day is International Women’s Day.  While we’ll obviously take an official holiday for our favorite stores to have a sale, womanhood deserves unapologetic celebration on your terms — not the calendar’s. LELO, a brand that consistently generates buzz thanks to...CONTINUE READING

15 nice kitchen units, equipment, and extra — all on sale

Your fridge is stocked, your pantry is full, and the shelves you store your guilt-inducing snacks in are filled to the brim. How about the rest of your kitchen drawers, though? Do you have all the tools to do your best impression of a celebrity chef. Yup, didn’t think so. If even Gordon Ramsey’s kids...CONTINUE READING
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