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French ‘Spider Man’ returns, scales one of London’s tallest buildings without a rope

French “Spider-Man” climber Alain Robert is back at it again, scaling one of London’s tallest buildings on Thursday  — without ropes. The catch? He got arrested at the top. SEE ALSO: ‘Spider-Man’ climbs 38-story skyscraper without a rope in 30 minutes According to Reuters, the 56-year-old climber made it to the top of London’s Heron...CONTINUE READING

This window art dedicated to the Queen in Westminster Abbey was designed on an iPad

The most recent artistic addition to London’s 13th century church, Westminster Abbey, has been made using 21st century technology from California.  The stained glass window, a piece of artwork installed in celebration of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, was created by artist David Hockney on an iPad.  SEE ALSO: This AR documentary lets you...CONTINUE READING

People are worried about this lost beluga whale that was spotted in London’s River Thames

Benny the beluga whale is a long way from home. After sightings of the animal swimming in London’s River Thames went viral on Twitter on Tuesday, scientists and marine rescuers have expressed their concern for its wellbeing. SEE ALSO: 16 striking murals that show the devastating effects of climate change Here are some clips of...CONTINUE READING

Justin Timberlake just got involved in the greatest World Cup meme

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet or the TV over the past week, chances are you’ll have heard the words “it’s coming home” by now. Maybe more than once. SEE ALSO: Neymar’s World Cup ‘injury’ gives us the top-notch memes we’ve been waiting for The legendary lyrics to England’s favourite football anthem have pretty...CONTINUE READING
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