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Elon Musk’s neighbors scuttled plans for his West LA tunnel

Elon Musk just witnessed the might of the Not In My Backyard empire firsthand. Musk’s Boring Company and West Los Angeles neighborhood associations have settled a lawsuit, brought by the groups, to prevent the Boring Company from digging a test tunnel for high speed transport without an environmental impact report, the Los Angeles Times reported...CONTINUE READING

As other offices storm the streets, Google’s LA protest is quiet and sequestered

Is it really a walk out if you barely… walk out? Google offices around the world protested sexual harassment and workplace discrimination at the company on Thursday. But in Los Angeles — a center of the #MeToo movement, thanks to Hollywood — Googlers staged a more staid, internal affair than the rabble-rousing actions of their...CONTINUE READING

Boston Red Sox have already won the World Series —according to a Google Search mistake

It’s Game 3 of the World Series tonight, but the Boston Red Sox have already beat the Los Angeles Dodgers for the championship — that is, if you trust Google to give you the right answer. Google Search today has been incorrectly displaying the Boston Red Sox as the winners of the 2018 World Series...CONTINUE READING

‘Go F*ck Ur Selfie’: Someone vandalized a popular selfie spot in LA

We regret to inform you that Los Angeles’ influencer hotspot, the iconic hot pink wall, has been vandalized.  With its vibrant rosy hue, the Paul Smith Limited building in West Hollywood — better known as just “the pink wall” — is an immensely popular backdrop for photoshoots. Influencers, tourists, and locals alike flock to what...CONTINUE READING

Traffic was so bad in Los Angeles that people ditched their cars and lined up for a food truck

Thousands of Angelenos were detoured off of the 105 freeway Friday morning due to a tanker truck crash. Those unable to get off the road in time were stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam, so a couple of savvy commuters decided to make the best out of a bad situation.  In a video...CONTINUE READING

Twitter is trolling Elon Musk for thinking he invented the subway

Ahh, tech industry hubris. It never ceases to inspire. On Thursday, Elon Musk held an information session to discuss the progress of his Boring Company, and share his vision for the future of transportation in Los Angeles. What that amounts to is … wait for it …. a series of tunnels! That pedestrians can access...CONTINUE READING
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