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The 2018 MacBook Air is good, but not great

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Apple’s new MacBook Air is fine. Just fine.

Apple’s MacBook line has clarity again. The MacBook Air, formerly the neglected stepchild among Apple laptops, is reborn: It’s still basically the same wedge-shaped computer Steve Jobs introduced in 2008, but it’s sporting USB-C ports, a retina display, and a modern chip inside. Importantly, it fills another hole in Apple’s lineup: the midrange. When Apple...CONTINUE READING

Get a MacBook Pro (with the Touch Bar!) on sale for less than $1,500 at Amazon and beyond

Something must be in the water — “something” as in a possible new MacBook model — because online retailers have no chill with the MacBook sales lately. This week, you have two chances to save big on a MacBook Pro: Amazon is offering the 2017 13.3-inch Pro for $305 off, and B&H Photo Video is...CONTINUE READING

The 2017 MacBook Pro (yes, with the Touch Bar) is $400 off — that’s the best price we’ve *ever* seen

This is a big month for Team Apple, y’all. The new iPhones were announced as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 — but if you were hoping for a new MacBook, you might be feeling left out. Until right now, that is. You can snag the 2017 MacBook Pro for $400 off. (And yes, that’s...CONTINUE READING

Get the 2017 Apple MacBook on sale at Amazon for $949.99, a savings of $350

Need a new laptop but don’t feel like dropping a ton of cash? This 12-inch Apple MacBook laptop is available on Amazon for $949.99. Normally, this 2017 model is listed at $1299.99, saving you a whopping $350 during the sale. Under the hood, this MacBook lives up to the expectations of the Apple name. (Mashable’s...CONTINUE READING
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