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How Waze kills lifeless zones in tunnels for all commuters

Just because you’re underground doesn’t mean you have to drive blind.  For commuters who depend on or maximize their drive with a navigation app, heading into tunnels and other low-service areas defeats the whole purpose of using GPS-enabled directions.  Waze, Google’s handy driving directions app, has been zapping dead zones with Beacons, the small battery-operated...CONTINUE READING

An online map lets people log instances of gender inequality

Out and about, you’ve likely experienced gender inequality in your urban environment. There might be a lack of female or gender diverse bathrooms at a stadium, or a lack of baby changing facilities accessible to men, or something like bad pram access. SEE ALSO: This Instagram poet is rewriting fairy tales with modern gender roles...CONTINUE READING

This map shows you which Indigenous lands you’re living on

This Columbus day, celebrate the person who really discovered America — aka, pretty much everyone except Christopher Columbus. By now, it’s well known that Indigenous people populated America well before Columbus arrived, and he wasn’t even the first European to land here.  So instead of throwing up a dumb Columbus meme on Facebook, use your...CONTINUE READING

Need artwork on a budget? These cool, customizable maps are perfect.

They say home is where the heart is, but your heart may be somewhere far, far away.  Maybe it’s the quaint country town where your grandparents used to live or that cool European city you explored with friends. Who knows, it could even be your old neighborhood, which you only moved 20 minutes away from...CONTINUE READING

This map shows what your neighborhood would look like if a nuclear bomb hit it

It’s 2018, and there’s one thing on the back of everyone’s minds — nuclear warfare. If it isn’t, it should beIn January of this year, the doomsday clock moved two minutes closer to midnight because of elevated nuclear warfare riskThe Outrider Foundation decided to take advantage of this uniquely terrifying moment in history and publish...CONTINUE READING

Find out which Easter candy is the most popular — or polarizing — in your state

Is your state yelling the most about Peeps or Reese’s eggs? Now’s your chance to find out. A new map from product review website Influenster uses the site’s review data to discover which seasonal Easter candy is the most “buzzed-about” in each state. This doesn’t necessarily equate to the most popular candy in each state,...CONTINUE READING
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