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Zuckerberg’s 2019 solution: a host of ‘public discussions’ about Fb

Mark Zuckerberg knows he has some work to do.  The Facebook CEO had a rough 2018, both personally and professionally, with lawmakers turning on his social-media baby and scandal after scandal after scandal.  But he’s ready to turn that all around. Following his long-established tradition of declaring annual “personal challenges,” Zuckerberg announced on Jan. 8...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg pats himself at the again for a perfect 2018

It’s the end of the year, and for many of us that means taking a moment to reflect on decisions past. For Mark Zuckerberg, however, it means taking a moment to bask in your manifold and unqualified successes.  The Facebook CEO published a roughly 1,000-word post on Dec. 28 detailing his company’s various wins over...CONTINUE READING

The Father or mother hilariously roasts Mark Zuckerberg in 2018 ‘yr in assessment’ video

If you think you’ve had a rough year, take comfort in the fact that it probably hasn’t been as stressful as Mark Zuckerberg’s. The embattled Facebook founder lost more money than any other billionaire this year, thanks to a year of constant scandals. Hell, even the last 24 hours has seen nearly half a dozen...CONTINUE READING

‘Frat boy billionaire’ Mark Zuckerberg shamed by international lawmakers for not attending hearing

Lawmakers from nine different countries openly mocked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not attending a hearing in the UK.  On Tuesday, two dozen lawmakers from nine international parliaments convened in London for the inaugural “International Grand Committee on Disinformation.” The intended purpose of the event was to grill Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the company’s...CONTINUE READING

Facebook admits hiring PR firm to attack billionaire George Soros

Facebook is carefully walking back statements it made about hiring a Republican opposition-research group to investigate billionaire George Soros. In a blog post published late Wednesday, right before many Americans left work to begin the Thanksgiving holiday, Facebook admitted to asking an opposition-research company to investigate billionaire George Soros over his public criticism of the...CONTINUE READING

Facebook’s Definers fall guy was already on his way out

How nice and tidy. Facebook‘s head of public policy, Elliot Schrage, sent a memo to Facebook employees in which he took the blame for hiring public policy agency Definers. Conveniently enough, this happened after he had already announced he was planning to leave Facebook.  TechCrunch acquired and published the memo Tuesday. You can read it...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook is at ‘war,’ report says

Mark Zuckerberg is feeling the heat. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s founder and CEO believes his company is currently at “war.” The comment came from Mark Zuckerberg this past June in a meeting with a few dozen of Facebook’s top executives amid the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In...CONTINUE READING

Facebook’s former security chief stands up for the social network, calls for change

Facebook‘s former chief security officer is defending the social network amid the fallout from the New York Times’ bombshell report on the company this past week. Alex Stamos, who was the company’s CSO from 2015 up until the summer of 2018, wrote a piece published in the Washington Post on Saturday responding to the New...CONTINUE READING
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