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‘The Onion’ promises it won’t stop trolling Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is getting a taste of what happens when you piss off The Onion.  The satirical news site has been relentlessly trolling Zuckerberg and Facebook for the past few days and promises it’s only getting started. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s desperate for people to take its fake news fight seriously While the satirical...CONTINUE READING

Facebook holds eye-tracking technology patents, but denies using them…for now

Facebook holds at least two patents to track user eye movements, but denies that it’s currently developing the technology. “Like many companies, we apply for a wide variety of patents to protect our intellectual property. Right now we’re not building technology to identify people with eye-tracking cameras,” Facebook wrote in a 229-page response to a...CONTINUE READING

Facebook finally got around to answering all those senators’ questions

Looks like his team finally got back to them.  Almost two full months after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dodged senators’ questions about the Cambridge Analytica and user privacy scandals with the vague promise that someone would be in touch, the advertising giant made good on his pledge and provided a host of answers on topics...CONTINUE READING

Another day, another Facebook privacy scandal

This is just getting ridiculous.  A day after Facebook admitted to changing 14 million users’ post settings to “public,” three days after it was revealed that the company had given an accused national security threat access to data on some users’ friends, and less than a week after the news dropped that the social media...CONTINUE READING

Facebook launches new ‘quality journalism’ project — with a typo front and center

Facebook announced a new component of its “Facebook Journalism Project” on Wednesday: a partnership with CNN and other media outlets to produce news shows specifically for Facebook. Unfortunately, the social media/content production/advertising/how do we even categorize Facebook anymore company is in need of… a copy editor. “We care about about supporting high quality journalism,” the...CONTINUE READING

News that Facebook killed ‘Trending’ is…trending

It’s a full circle moment for all of us. On Friday, Facebook announced that it was killing its embattled “Trending” news section.  SEE ALSO: I wrote the Facebook report Ted Cruz can’t stop talking about. He’s getting it all wrong. Then, mere *hours* later, the tolling of the death knell received an appropriate tribute: the...CONTINUE READING

Even Facebook shareholders are sick of Mark Zuckerberg’s excuses

Facebook’s own shareholders are losing patience for Mark Zuckerberg’s excuses.  At the company’s annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, attendees made it abundantly clear that they’re fed up with Facebook and the seemingly endless barrage of scandals. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s desperate for people to take its fake news fight seriously One shareholder, voicing support for a...CONTINUE READING

Papua New Guinea will ban Facebook for one month

Despite an international apology tour for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, not every country is accepting Facebook’s “I’m Sorrys.” Papua New Guinea’s Communications Minister Sam Basil told his country’s Post Courier that citizens can expect a month-long shutdown of Facebook. The government will block access to the site for a month in order to assess the...CONTINUE READING

Facebook rolls out GDPR privacy checkups worldwide

It’s the final countdown. The deadline for compliance with Europe’s new privacy laws, the GDPR, is Friday, May 25. That means that companies across the internet are asking, in plain and recognizable language, all of their customers to review usually-skipped over privacy settings — including Facebook. Hallelujah. SEE ALSO: Europe’s new internet regulations should make...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg testified before the EU Parliament, but the hearing’s format left MEPs with no answers

Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on May 22nd to discuss data protection. The hearing’s format had all the EU lawmakers asking him questions for about an hour straight, leaving Mark Zuckerberg with only a few minutes to answer all of them. This allowed him to pick the topics he wanted...CONTINUE READING
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