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Grasp the secrets and techniques of YouTube advertising and marketing with this $29 on-line route package

At 8:27 p.m. PST on April 23, 2005, a user named “jawed” uploaded a nineteen-second video of himself eyeing some elephants’ “really, really, really long trunks” to a two-month-old website. Entitled “Me at the zoo,” it was the first clip ever posted on the now-media giant YouTube, which jawed (a.k.a. entrepreneur Jawed Karim) had cofounded...CONTINUE READING

10 nice apps on sale that will help you out in 2019

New year, new deals… well, almost. The thing is, we’re still hung up on a handful of bargains on apps in the Mashable Shop from the past 12 months — so much so that we’re offering them once again for an additional 19% off their sale prices, provided you enter the coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at...CONTINUE READING

7 of the most productive outside safety cameras on Amazon

Home security cameras used to be only for the rich and/or famous, but thanks to the democratization of technology and consumer demand, keeping your home safe by spying on it has become affordable for more and more people without Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, or yachts to speak of.  But with so many options on the market,...CONTINUE READING

Store this sale on wi-fi charging gadgets and get to the bottom of to stay batteries alive in 2019

Here’s a fact that would send chills down your spine: electronic devices have officially taken over the human population. By 2020, experts are forecasting that there will be more than four devices for every person on the planet. Now that’s enough to send you into hysterics over the imminent technological uprising, but there’s a more...CONTINUE READING

Pungent toes? Those inserts can lend a hand and are these days on sale.

Face it: Those boots you bought this past Black Friday have already begun to smell something fierce thanks to an unholy union of sweat and bacteria. Happens to the best of us, you know. Fortunately, there’s a simple remedy to your odor woes in the form of some specially designed shoe inserts called Zorpads. Designed...CONTINUE READING

Jumpstart your health answer with this sale on a exercise streaming provider

Committing to a New Year’s fitness resolution would be so much easier if the New Year didn’t fall right in the middle of winter, when trudging to the gym in heavy cold-weather gear is a workout in itself.  We’re still waiting on a personal trainer delivery service — you could call it “Swolmates” or something...CONTINUE READING

Need to cycle extra in 2019? Those two motorcycles are on sale.

It’s a situation you encounter almost every year: once January 1 rings in, you’re a few pounds heavier, a few hundred dollars poorer, but a million times more motivated. There’s nothing like the promise of a fresh new year to inspire you to get your shit together and get your life back on track. If...CONTINUE READING

2 techniques to avoid wasting on Arduino kits and classes — a superb present thought for the nerd to your record

 Apple Store gift card? Please. This holiday season, treat the techie on your list (even if that someone is you) to something with more pizzazz. Something that gets the gears turning and sparks creativity. Something like Arduino.  SEE ALSO: Kickstart a career in graphic design with this massive course, on sale for $39 Now, we...CONTINUE READING

Blank hard-to-reach home windows (with out breaking your neck) the use of this nifty system that is on sale

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that generally speaking, chores suck. (Bold, we know.) But the process of washing windows is particularly aggravating when you factor in unsteady ladders and having to go outside to thoroughly clean both sides of the glass.  It’s no wonder the average person spends $266 on a...CONTINUE READING
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