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Learn C programming online with these courses that are on sale

Everyone says they want to learn how to code, but only a few decide to take the plunge and explore the world of programming. But the fact that you, dear reader, clicked on this post affirms that you’re willing to get down and dirty with coding, and for that, we want to give you a...CONTINUE READING

How to only pay once for cloud storage and never worry again

Digital hoarding is a thing. You download heaps of material at a rapid pace, and soon enough, they pile up and wreak havoc on your computer, causing it to slow down and perform poorly. If you have accumulated an electronic ecosystem of files, photos, music, and movies, don’t wait until it turns into a giant...CONTINUE READING

This $40 power bank can charge your phone up to seven times

The thing about today’s smartphones is that they’re jammed with so many features that their batteries can hardly keep up. Those of us who are heavily reliant on our phones to do everything from ordering lunch to booking a ride find the need to juice up our devices multiple times a day. If you are...CONTINUE READING

It may look and function like a speaker, but it’s also a covert security camera

WiFi security cameras are a great solution for keeping tabs on your home and property when you’re away, but most of them aren’t exactly discreet. Most just look like security cameras; small, sleek, and handsomely designed, but cameras nonetheless.  For those times when you don’t want to make it obvious that there’s an electric eye...CONTINUE READING

Master Google Analytics with this $10 online course

If you’ve hit a wall in your job search, and it seems like every potential employer is giving you the cold shoulder, it may be time to take a more critical look at your résumé. Recruiters and hiring managers see scores of them every day, and the buzzwords and resume hacks that may have wowed...CONTINUE READING

Your smart home just got a little smarter with this AC controller

Trying to sleep during a heat wave is nearly impossible without an air conditioner. But while taking full advantage of your AC may be the most comfortable way to get through the summer, it’s by no means efficient. Not only is your excessive AC use bad for the environment, but it’s also expensive. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Master the art of project management with this Lean Six Sigma online course

Do you love getting stuff done? Do you treat your list of daily goals as absolute gospel? Does efficiency make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? If so, you were born to be a project manager.  If you want to live up to your potential, you’ll need more than a well-manicured monthly planner. You...CONTINUE READING

Take a nap on these $36 sheets and get a break from *waves hand* everything

If you’re feeling worn down by the dumpster fire that was the last week of June 2018, upgrading your bedding could be just what you need. Seriously. You can’t check Twitter while you’re asleep, after all. SEE ALSO: Travel accessories to give you that first class feeling There are plenty of stores and direct-to-consumer companies...CONTINUE READING

Use your phone for something other than rage spiraling on Twitter

For the past few months, it seems that we all consistently wake up to a handful of soul-crushing news. That, bundled with stress-inducing things we encounter at work and at home, it’s surprising that we are able to cope at all. Image: MindblissExperts say that bringing some mindfulness back into our lives can help combat...CONTINUE READING

Use Amazon Alexa to control this misting diffuser that’s on sale

Between the whiff of the pizza slices you microwave every night, the baby’s diapers piling up in the garbage, and the stench of your four-legged roommate, your house plays host to a variety of smells that are less than ideal. While you can quickly remedy the stink by baking a fresh batch of cookies or...CONTINUE READING
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