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Save $10 on these CBD Gummies, a fun and tasty way to chill the eff out

What if there was an effective way to relieve stress while justifying the fact that you simply like sour candy? And even better, what if there was a way you could do that, while also paying homage to an obscure 80s cartoon?  Well, there is, thanks to these CBD Gummies, which are on sale right...CONTINUE READING

Start winning at SEO with this easy-to-use software

What’s the number one key to business success in the digital world? A spiffy logo? Nope. An in-office frozen yogurt machine? No (but it wouldn’t hurt).  Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it all comes down to a strong online presence. Your company has got to be the first one people see when...CONTINUE READING

Strike fear into the hearts of hackers with this online class

To beat a hacker, you must become a hacker. That’s what ethical hacking is all about: you learn the tricks and tools that cyber-criminals use to infiltrate the networks of major institutions, use that knowledge to set up secure safeguards, and get paid handsome sums by those companies. Plus, you’ll be protecting the public from...CONTINUE READING

Thinking of quitting straws? This collapsible one will help.

Over the past few years, both restaurants and cities have begun to ban the use of plastic straws. Just a few weeks ago, Starbucks made headlines by announcing its plans to eliminate plastic straws by 2020.  SEE ALSO: 12 of the best espresso machines, according to online reviews Sure, the eradication of plastic straws is...CONTINUE READING

These noise-cancelling headphones are a hit on Amazon

For frequent travelers, audio purists, or just people who want some damn peace and quiet, noise-cancelling headphones are practically a necessity. But as their popularity rises, their quality varies. Don’t waste the wonder of noise-cancellation on some low-rent knockoffs. Get the full luxury experience with Paww’s WaveSound 3 Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. SEE ALSO: 10 of...CONTINUE READING

A gadget that could help with car sickness is on sale for just $17

Motion sickness happens. And one thing that’s certainly not making it better: Yucky car odors. You might accidentally leave your old, old fast food in the car and stink up the place. Or worse, you could rent a car only for it to smell of cigarettes. Yes, a bad odor can seriously make or break your...CONTINUE READING

Become the hero of your company by learning these project management skills

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes, they’re just in regular office clothes, with shoulders heavy from the sheer weight of responsibility for a project’s success or collapse. Yup, we’re talking about project managers. SEE ALSO: Take a film directing course online for less than $20 and learn how to make your own movies The unsung...CONTINUE READING

A great best home security camera doesn’t have to be the most expensive

Whether you’ve got a playroom full of kids down the hall while you’re in the kitchen or a precocious puppy running wild while you’re at work, a digital security camera can help you keep tabs on what is most precious to you. The Sinji Smart WiFi Camera is on sale for just $45 and can...CONTINUE READING

Become a Shopify power seller for just $29 with this e-commerce bootcamp

If blocks upon blocks of vacant storefronts are any indication, the retail industry is going digital. Today, you can buy (or sell!) just about anything on sites like eBay and Etsy, social media, and, yes, your own website. The only problem is everyone and their mother is selling their stuff online, which makes it hard...CONTINUE READING

Save $20 on this Bluetooth speaker that looks like a tiny retro TV

For those of us stuck in the past, there’s an entire faction within the tech industry committed to churning out classic gadgets injected with modern advancements. SEE ALSO: 6 of the best portable Bluetooth speakers that go everywhere One of the most fascinating ones is the Tivoo, a stunning 16×16 LED screen with a powerful...CONTINUE READING
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