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Robots might be accomplishing task interviews subsequent 12 months

A 16-inch tall robot-recruiter named Tengai could be the future of job interviews. Tengai is programmed to conduct every interview the exact same way. She doesn’t engage in pre-interview chit-chat, and asks every question in the same tone and order. Tengai then sends a transcript to human employers containing only the interviewee’s answers, eliminating any...CONTINUE READING

Girls are nonetheless underrepresented in tech. Right here’s what Fb has to mention about it.

How did we go from viewing computer programming as “women’s work” to peak tech bro culture? In the world of tech today, men greatly outnumber women, and the reasons for this inequality are to be found in stereotypes and biases deeply ingrained in our culture.  But some of the world’s biggest tech companies are taking...CONTINUE READING

Google fined $1.7 Billion via Ecu Union for handicapping competition

The EU says ads from non-Google companies were blocked by the search engine on third party sites. The European Union has heavily fined Google three times in less than two years. The penalties now total over $9 billion. All three are in relation to Google unlawfully trying to derail competition. Read more…More about Google, Mashable...CONTINUE READING

RVR, the customizable bot that you’ll be able to make do many, many stuff

Sphero is out here trying to make customizable bots super fun by giving you an insane amount of creative and technical freedom. That’s where RVR comes in. The bot, which by now has been fully funded on Kickstarter, is a kid-friendly bot that you can change into just about anything with some code. Read more…More...CONTINUE READING

CBD-infused jelly beans are right here

David Klein, the original creator of jelly beans made “Spectrum Confections,” a line of jelly beans infused with CBD. Klein created Jelly Belly in 1976, and has been in the candy business for 45 years. His inspiration for Spectrum Confections came when he discovered the health benefits of CBD.  Read more…More about Mashable Video, Cannabis,...CONTINUE READING

Instagram rolls out a brand new buying groceries function

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time on IG you have probably scrolled past an ad that caught your eye. Maybe you even clicked on the ad, only to be taken to the retailer’s site. Now Instagram wants to streamline the process by letting you shop directly from the app. Read more…More about Instagram,...CONTINUE READING
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