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Melania Trump makes first appearance in nearly a month and no one is buying it

Among all of the many important news stories happening in the world right now, nothing has captivated us quite like the unexplained disappearance of First Lady Melania Trump. She finally made a brief public appearance on Monday night, but Twitter is still, well, sort of skeptical. After being out of the public eye for 24...CONTINUE READING

Is tonight the night we finally see Melania Trump?

Where in the world is Melania Trump? That’s the slightly concerning question the American people have been asking since the first lady was last spotted in the public eye on May 10. Though Melania reportedly underwent a “successful” kidney procedure on May 14 and needed some time to recover, she hasn’t been seen in more...CONTINUE READING

New Twitter prank tries to figure out #WhereIsMelania

The whispers became murmurs and then a buzz and now it’s a downright concern: where, oh, where is First Lady Melania Trump? We know that Melania underwent successful surgery related to her kidneys a few weeks ago, something that obviously requires rest and relaxation for recovery. But that was almost three weeks ago and the...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump not getting Melania a birthday gift was the sanest thing about his Fox News interview

Of course Donald Trump is the kind of person who has time to rant on Fox News but not to bother to get his wife a birthday present.  Yet somehow, after nearly three years of him being such a major presence (ugh) in our daily lives, it’s still a small surprise to find out that...CONTINUE READING

Sean Spicer introducing wax doll of Melania Trump is a new low for America

In America, you’re truly haven’t made it until you’ve been cast in wax and thrown into the most vile neighborhood in America: Times Square.  On Wednesday, New York City’s Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum introduced the latest prominent waxwork to their collection: Melania Trump. Wax Melania will stand in the “World Leaders Hall” section, which also...CONTINUE READING

The most awkward moments from Trump welcoming Macron to the White House

President Trump is playing host to French president Emanuel Macron this week and that means a return of awkward public displays of affection from a president who seems to have difficulty with basic human interaction. There was much pomp and circumstance to celebrate the arrival of Macron, who’s accompanied by his wife, Brigitte. There was...CONTINUE READING

Please enjoy these photos of Melania Trump laughing with Barack Obama

Former first lady Barbara Bush’s funeral was held on Saturday. President Trump chose not to attend “to avoid disruptions,” so his wife Melania had the freedom to do whatever the heck she pleased — and she decided to hang out with some political legends. She laughed with Barack Obama, power posed next to Michelle, the...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel backs off Sean Hannity feud because there’s enough terribleness in the world

Sean Hannity doesn’t know when to stop. The Fox News host went on a tear Friday after talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had skewered Melania Trump and her accent on his show Monday night. Hannity found this very offensive. That’s when his Kimmel “take-down” started.  Hannity’s sensitivity to Kimmel’s unnecessary insult was fair to call...CONTINUE READING

No, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer didn’t say he has Trump dick pics

Chill out, everyone.  Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for Stormy Daniels, didn’t just claim he had a picture of Trump’s orange wang. (Sorry, allegedly orange.)  SEE ALSO: Stormy Daniels is crowdfunding her lawsuit against Donald Trump because 2018 is wild A bunch of people on Twitter freaked out after this tweet went viral. Stormy’s Lawyer on...CONTINUE READING

FLOTUS to reportedly meet with social media companies about cyberbullying

First lady Melania Trump is sticking to her campaign promise to crack down on online harassment and cyberbullying. She’s reportedly meeting with major players in social media and tech next week to see what can be done.  Even though she’s repeatedly let her husband get away with the very behavior she described during Donald Trump’s...CONTINUE READING
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