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Michelle Obama explains her painfully awkward reaction to Melania Trump’s gift

Michelle Obama is finally opening up about that time she accepted an inauguration present from Melania Trump and had no idea how the heck to react. If you’re not familiar with the palpably awkward interaction, let’s refresh: To kick off the first lady handover, Melania gifted Michelle a medium-sized Tiffany & Co. box. Clearly not...CONTINUE READING

Senator Chuck Schumer looked mad as hell at the State of the Union

President Trump gave his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, and while all ears were on his speech, all eyes were on the reactions of everyone else in the room. Following the fallout of DACA and the recent government shutdown, it’s safe to say that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer isn’t too pleased...CONTINUE READING

‘Karma’s a bitch’ challenge is the ‘Riverdale’ meme we’ve been waiting for

One way to exact revenge on your enemies is to look very, very good. And that is the entire premise of the “karma is a bitch” challenge. To execute the challenge, which is currently taking over the Chinese social network Weibo, you’ll need a front-facing camera and a scarf or sheet of fabric. You’ll also...CONTINUE READING

That really oily guy from the Olympics is going to compete in the Winter Games

Buy your stock in coconut oil because Pita Taufatofua is returning to the Olympics. The Tongan flag holder became a beloved meme during the opening ceremony at the 2016 Rio Olympics when he appeared in all his glistening glory. Well, now Taufatofua is officially heading to the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea in...CONTINUE READING

Dad Photoshops his daughter into dangerous situations and it's A+ dad'ing

A necessary skill for all sinister parents in the digital age: Photoshop. Dublin-based designer and dad Stephen Crowley has mastered the fine art of lovingly Photoshopping his daughter Hannah into situations that would give most parents a heart attack. His convincing work can easily fool someone taking a quick glance, leading to plenty of double...CONTINUE READING
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Please spare a thought for the manager of Tide’s Twitter account

Our sympathies are with the Tide social media manager. As teens participate, pretend to participate, and talk about participating in the Tide Pod Challenge, the official Tide Twitter account has assumed the unofficial role of emergency services referral center.  In the past few days, @Tide has responded to five people claiming to have ingested Tide...CONTINUE READING

YouTube is pulling the plug on all those Tide Pod Challenge videos

YouTube is trying to shut down the latest viral internet challenge, you know, the one where actual humans eat (or pretend to eat) Tide Pods, which are quite literally pods filled with Tide laundry detergent. The discussion on consuming Tide Pods started on Twitter in December, transforming into a viral meme and making its way...CONTINUE READING