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Overwhelm Twitter proves that from time to time subtweets will also be excellent

An Ode to… is a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. Twitter is the very definition of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” but breaking the platform down into sections and focusing on your own specific interests makes it significantly more bearable....CONTINUE READING

Please benefit from the unnecessarily lit ‘Act My Age’ by means of One Route meme

One Direction may have disbanded three years ago, but their songs are still undeniable meme-worthy bops.  You’ve probably stumbled across this bizarre meme in the past few days: A trio goes hard and dances in perfect sync to what sounds like the beginning of a sea shanty.  That tune is a One Direction deep cut...CONTINUE READING

Why is everybody on Twitter speaking about towels?

Good morning, everyone. Apparently we’re mad about towels.  Scrolling through Twitter on Monday, you might have seen a feed full of people arguing over the amount of towels you’re supposed to own. The Great Towel Debate started when Twitter user @Advil asked followers to settle an argument between him and his girlfriend.  SEE ALSO: Surreal...CONTINUE READING

FuckJerry stole famous person pictures to promote its tequila

FuckJerry continues to be FuckJerry.  The guys behind the viral Instagram leech that is @fuckjerry used celebrity photos and stolen memes to push their tequila brand. To promote Jaja Tequila, Spanish for “haha,” they posted edited images of Amy Poehler, Idris Elba, Will Smith, and other famous people to advertise their product, Vice reports.  SEE...CONTINUE READING

Ariana Grande’s tattoo flub continues to get roasted in hilarious web meme — All of the Memes

After a week of culturally dividing moments like the Patriot’s Super Bowl win and Trump’s State of the Union Address, the internet turned to memes to help release some tension. In this week’s episode of All The Memes, we cringe at Super Bowl “queso” recipes, praise Nancy Pelosi’s sassy SOTU clap, and admire the determination...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump Jr. shared a meme about ladies and it backfired spectacularly

Donald Trump Jr. might want to hold off sharing Twitter memes for a bit while he recovers from the internet dragging him. Following the State of the Union, the president‘s son decided to tweet a meme about the Democratic women of Congress on Wednesday, who wore suffragette white to the address to make a powerful...CONTINUE READING

Surreal memes deserve their very own web measurement

In November, the surreal meme creator @surrealvault decided to shutter her merch shop, which had existed for only two days. Though she’d originally seen the store as a viable way to monetize her page, she ended up feeling uncomfortable with the idea. “Surrealism exists to confuse, amaze, inspire and entertain,” she wrote on Instagram. “It...CONTINUE READING

Nancy Pelosi actually ‘claps again’ at Trump’s State of the Union

This may have been Trump’s big night, but let’s not forget the State of the Union was delivered in Nancy’s House.  President Donald Trump finally gave his 2019 State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, after his initial speech was delayed during the government shut down. And while Trump had the mic, all eyes...CONTINUE READING
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